The Benefits of Tilt Smart Blinds

Energy Saving and Easy to Install

Article by Suzette Vogel

I just received my @tiltsmarthome blinds and I installed them all by myself. I sent tilt my measurements and they fit perfectly. The best part is it takes less than 10 minutes to install, and no nails or tools needed.   

The company provides a DIY video that highlights the whole installation process. We chose tilt smart blinds because I love the smart home aspect where I can be anywhere in the world, and be able to close my blinds. The temperature sensors inside the tilt motor will save us money on our utility bills too, by regulating the temperature inside our home.  

On a side note, I do think my neighbors are going to miss our kitchen dance parties. 

Tilt is offering a 10 percent off discount code

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  • tilt-diy-blinds-3-300?v=2

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