The Best Customer Service Experience

"Take one day at a time"

1. How did you land at Sisset's and in Gainesville? 

I'm originally from Gainesville and my parents live here. When I returned for visits we always made stops at Sisset's. 

2.  Do you have a "why" moment? When did you know this journey/business was for you?

We had been trying to coordinate opening a second location for a few years. It was all put on hold with the virus. We were in town for a visit and went to Sisset's. A short conversation on one of our regular trips to the store got the ball rolling. It was at a time when some things had changed for me professionally and I was trying to figure out the next steps in life. We love the store, love the products, and love the staff. 

3. How do you balance work and family/personal life? 

It was a little rough at first, getting our feet wet, learning all the vendors, learning the ropes, and starting in the holidays. Now, with a few months under our belts, we're doing better at a balance, trying to take time to get out and explore all the wonderful events, locations and restaurants Gainesville and the surrounding areas have to offer. We set aside 1-2 times a week to explore something new. 

4.  Do you have a mentor?

My mentor in this experience is the person who made the store what it is. I've learned everything from Melissa who has made the store what it is. I brought my past customer service experience and applied it to Melissa's philosophy in order to maintain the excellent customer service Sisset's is known to offer the customers. 

5. Do you have a saying or inspirational quote that you lead your life/business/self with?

I don't have one that stands out strongly. I do like the saying "Take One day at a time" which I think most people are saying nowadays since the world has changed with COVID. 

Craig Voiles & Jay McGriff

Co-Owner's Sisset's Home & Patio Store

3433 W University Avenue Gainesville, Florida 32607

(352) 224-5192

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