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Coggin Law Provides Unmatched Family Law Services to Families in the Greater Charlotte Area

In 2007, Gerry Coggin founded Coggin Law, a client-focused, full-service family law firm, with the mission of providing clients with unmatched family law services. Since opening the firm, Gerry has developed a reputation for responsive and detailed representation while also ensuring his clients are well-informed and apprised of their options. Whether the process calls for an analysis of a separation agreement, attending mediation or going to trial, Gerry has the knowledge, experience and demeanor to guide his clients through any stage of the family law process. 

About Gerry

Gerry began his career in 2003 with a Charlotte law firm after graduating from the Wake Forest University School of Law. At this firm, he was provided with the intensive training and valuable mentorship required to be proficient in the practice of family law. When Gerry founded Coggin Law, he did so with the goal of using his education and mentorship to build a full-service family law firm.

Flash forward to 2021 and Gerry has completed hundreds of family law meditations and trials as the managing attorney of Coggin Law. He is uniquely qualified to offer his clients in Charlotte and the surrounding counties the well-reasoned, common-sense advice they deserve. In his spare time, Gerry enjoys spending time outdoors appreciating nature and he loves hanging out with his dogs Lilly and Bowens. 


Gerry Coggin concentrates his practice exclusively on North Carolina family law, with a focus on separation, divorce, child custody, child support, alimony and property division. Gerry and his team at Coggin Law begin the legal process by simply listening. From there, they emphasize communication by clearly explaining legal options and how the process works. Throughout every step, they offer first-rate service for their clients, providing unparalleled excellence. 

  • Gerry offers premarital consultations.... offering guidance for a positive family foundation.
  • Gerry will walk with you every step of the way. 
  • Gerry cares about you, your family and your results.
  • Gerry will tell you what you need to hear to make a positive impact in your case. 

Contact Coggin Law

For more information about Coggin Law and to work with their top-of-the-line team of professionals, visit 
CogginLaw.com or call 704.286.0600.

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