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There are many items that keep a home safe. When I asked my Facebook audience what came to mind when they thought of home safety, I got a range of answers—from alarms, cameras, dogs, first aid kits, flashlights and firearms.

Keeping family members safe isn’t just about natural disasters or accidents, it’s also keeping them safe when there is a mental health crisis.

One way to keep family members safe is proper firearms storage. Use of a firearm lock or a safe is an ideal way to store your firearms. Other ways for safe storage include storing your firearms and ammunition separately or storing them unloaded. Always keep firearms stored away from children and those untrained in the safe use of firearms.

Ways to keep medications and your loved ones safe is by storing medications out of reach of children, utilizing a lock box, use of medication disposal packs, prepared medication containers, and disposal of medication after expiration date/end of need. In Oklahoma, local police departments have medication disposal bins. You can visit the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics drop box locator website at for a location near you.

Narcan, also known as naloxone, can be picked up from a pharmacy or you can order one online at This life-saving nasal spray can be administered easily by anyone to someone who has taken too many opioid-based medications at once.

One study found that one in four persons had thought about suicide for less than five minutes before taking action. Another study interviewed persons hospitalized from a suicide attempt and 48% said they acted within 10 minutes of having thoughts of suicide.

By keeping your firearms and medications safety stored, we provide time and distance for our loved ones if they experience a mental health crisis.

It is important to have a personal plan for all crises. When emergencies hit, it is easy to become overwhelmed with emotions, and having a plan in place makes things smoother and easier on everyone. Whether it be natural disasters such as fire or tornado, or medical emergencies such as heart attack or a suicide attempt, having a plan is vital.

For more tips on home safety for mental health, suicide prevention information, a FREE no-questions-asked firearms lock, or to request JessicaRose to speak at your next event: or

JessicaRose Johnson, M.A., is owner of Rosebud Consulting LLC.

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