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Over the past 15 years, Casey Venters, managing partner of The Blueprint Experience fitness gym, has gained a reputation as a respected authority in the fitness industry. Casey has an impressive fitness resume, which showcases his expertise. He earned a Master's degree in Exercise Science, has numerous certifications, was an adjunct professor, a former gym owner, a performance coach, a personal trainer as well as a public speaker for companies such as Marriot and Under Armour.

But none of that mattered as much as Casey's deeply held belief that the fitness industry as a whole had failed its members, specifically the 40-80 age group.

What was happening?

Each day numerous people suffer from soft-tissue injuries that are not the result of an accident or other assignable cause. These injuries begin as a little irritating pain and get progressively worse. Over time this pain results in an injury. Ninety-nine percent of these injuries are entirely preventable, and Casey was passionate to show people how to live pain and injury-free.

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What Casey did about it

Casey saw a significant gap between clinical treatment for pain, surgical recovery, and current gym offerings. As an answer to the problem, he seized the opportunity to create a fitness facility that bridged that gap. 

"I started The Blueprint Experience because I wanted to implement my proven system for helping people get out of pain and for pain and injury prevention. Even if you don't currently have pain, if you continue to exercise and workout incorrectly, you are going to get hurt. We prevent that here," says Managing Partner Casey Venters. 

Thus was born The Blueprint Experience, Fitness that Moves You. 

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What makes The Blueprint Experience different from other gyms?

The Bluerpint gym is primarily for people ages 40-80 that creates a customized-fitness BLUEPRINT designed to help members live a quality, balanced, and pain-free life for their second-40 years.

At The Blueprint Experience, members are guided through the confusion of where to begin their fitness journey. We show members how to improve their health and avoid pain & injury in a clean, safe, and welcoming environment.

It's okay to be confused about what to do, when, and how much. We've made it our mission to overcome this confusion and provide our members with an unrivaled experience. No more guessing.

We understand because we've helped people just like you, and we can help you too. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff help us create a welcoming environment for anyone.

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How does it work?

The member's journey begins with a movement screening and 3D-body scan conducted by a Fit Architect professional using state of the art technology. During this screening process, data is collected including, mobility, stability, weight, and postural measurements to lay the foundation on which a unique fitness blueprint plan is developed. 

Members then begin a progressive training program that addresses all of their fitness goals according to their blueprint. Members have three options to meet their needs: 

  1. Work directly with a Fit Architect

  2. Attend small, individualized classes

  3. Use their blueprint on their own

The Blueprint Experience employs a relationship-based model that fosters a community feel. Members are known and greeted by name each time they enter the gym. Friendly fun competitions encourage members to attend the gym regularly and give 110% every time they're there. State of the art equipment and technology is used to enhance the member's experience and accelerate their results.

The Blueprint is home of the 10-Day Experience so you can experience first hand the difference of pain-free fitness. Visit us today!

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