The Bottled Olive Pantry - Windsor

A Place Where Passion and Product Merge

Article by Desiree Gustafson

Photography by John Robson Photography & David Grossman of Colorado Photography

Originally published in Windsor City Lifestyle

Amanda Hiller has always been a goal oriented individual. She achieved great success during her career in the corporate world. Like so many others in 2020, she found herself in search of a new chapter to write. Taking the knowledge she gained in corporate America, she would then pursue a passion and apply that to her own business.

Growing up with a passion for cooking, Amanda found cooking a peaceful way to reduce stress and nourish her body with healthy home cooked meals. Her favorite foods to cook are Italian and French. She enjoys being able to zone out and focus on the recipe and the creation.

As a resident of Windsor, Amanda had been a fan of The Bottled Olive since its inception. She fell in love with the oils and vinegars and how much it elevated her dishes and fueled her passion for cooking. When she learned that The Bottled Olive was looking to sell, she began to ask herself what she wanted to do and be and what she was most drawn to. Taking a cue from her mentor she decided to stay true to herself and follow her passion to “make life meaningful." In June of 2020, Amanda became the owner of The Bottled Olive in Windsor. Her favorite part of owning the store is the interaction with the clients. She loves to share her joy of elevated cooking through the oils, vinegars, spices, and pastas available in the store. Helping someone discover a new recipe, flavor, or way to spice up their dishes and supporting others helps fill her cup. Sharing enthusiasm over a recipe or experience creates new connections within the Windsor area community.

The store has over 52 flavors of oils and vinegars that clients can use in a variety of ways and dishes. They are known for the incredible gift baskets that cover any occasion and their demonstration style cooking classes that highlight the best recipes featuring their products.

This new chapter brings forth a different kind of success for Amanda, one where she can help people, engage them and make good relationships along the way. Her goal, along with her team, is to make sure that every person that shops at her store leaves with the feeling that their day is a little better, brighter, and more flavorful.

When not working in her store, you will find Amanda supporting other local Windsor businesses through shopping locally and serving and volunteering for numerous non-profits throughout the community.

Come to The Bottled Olive and Celebrate Life with Fun Food and Flavor!


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