The Business of Love:

Jenny O of Huntington Jewelers shares passion behind long-time Red Rock business

When it comes to love, “Jenny O” knows a thing or two about this four-letter word.

“For me, love is not just about husband and wife. Boyfriend and girlfriend. There are all sorts of love stories and in my line of work, and I get to be a part of telling them. That’s what makes this such a beautiful industry.”

The fine jewelry industry is one that Jennifer Calleri knows well. Better known to her family and friends as “Jenny O,” her name and sparkling reputation have been tied with Huntington Jewelers since she and her husband took over the business in 2018.

“Huntington has been around for more than 70 years. It’s an institution. The people who started this place are legends in this industry, and I am proud to have been mentored by them. But I do bring my own brand to this business, and that’s what makes us stand out here in the Red Rock area and across Southern Nevada.”

That personal touch, according to Jenny O, is a combination of experience and passion for this industry which she’s been involved with for more than two decades. A graduate gemologist, Jenny O has traveled the world and seen some of the most beautiful diamonds and gems. But she said the best part about her work is being part of the love stories that come with each piece of jewelry and each client she works with.

“Jewelry is like an artifact of life,” said Jenny O. “People are sentimental. There’s so many emotions and meaning that go into a piece jewelry, and I get emotional as well when I work with my clients to create pieces that are really customized to them.”

One recent love story that tugged at her heartstrings is one of a friend in the jewelry business that Jenny O has known for many years. He’s in his 80’s and had come into the store for help after losing his wife of nearly 40 years.

“He was lost. He didn’t know where to start. He had many pieces of jewelry that needed to be sorted out, and he wanted to give some special pieces to his daughter and granddaughters.”

Jenny O, of course, helped him with the meaning and history of the jewelry pieces so he could better decide where their legacy should continue.

She also summoned her expertise to create a new ring that combined her client’s wedding band with his late wife’s.

“What I create is wearable art with a story to go with it.”

Jenny O’s own love story is also one that comes with its own Vegas twist. She met her now-husband and mother-, father-, and sister-in-law all at the same time when she was working at a jewelry store at the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

“I was in my early 20’s. My husband and his family were in town visiting from Texas. I was standing outside the store next to him watching newly married couples on the gondolas. We started talking. His parents were actually in my store! He later moved to town, and we got married a few years later.”

The couple now runs Huntington Jewelers together. Jenny O says this business definitely has a woman’s touch, and it’s important for her, given the fine jewelry industry is still mainly a male-dominated business.

“I love working with women, and our target market is women,” said Jenny O. “I know what women want. I do have this gift at looking at my ‘muse’ and I can tell what jewelry will work with their face, their frame, their skin color. We can find a piece that fits anyone.”

As for how her love story for this business and the jewelry industry will take shape in 2022?

“I want to keep building on these beautiful relationships that we have with our clients,” said Jenny O. “We don’t just sell you something and you are gone. You become part of the family. People are sending us cakes, cards, cookies, and chocolates all the time. Especially during special holidays. That’s what I love about what I do. It’s amazing.”

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