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The City Lifestyle Giving Campaign


Article by Angela Broockerd

Photography by Janie Jones

The annual City Lifestyle Giving Campaign is in its 4th year. Last holiday season we gave away over $300,000 to help 116 individuals and families in need, but we need your help to make it happen again this year. With nominations flooding in from community members and leaders such as judges, police officers, teachers, nurses, social workers, mentors and readers like you, we were able to reach people who might otherwise go unnoticed. Perhaps you know of a single parent struggling to provide for their family, an elderly person who has experienced loss, someone enduring a health issue, a co-worker suffering a sudden, unexpected tragedy or a neighbor with a financial hardship who has fallen between the cracks of getting assistance. Chances are you know someone with a specific need, even if no one else does. 

“We believe in giving back and serving the communities where we live in a real and tangible way,” says Steven Schowengerdt, CEO and founder of City Lifestyle. “This Giving Campaign is about personally impacting the lives of people we know with an unexpected check in the mail just to say that someone thought of them during this holiday season.” 

“We believe God has blessed our company with continued success, so we in turn want to be a blessing to others,” Matthew Perry, President of City Lifestyle ads. 

City Lifestyle has also enacted an internal giving program whereby every employee in the company receives $100 to give away to someone in the community. “The idea is to encourage our employees to keep giving on their own,” Steven says. “Taking care of one another and blessing others is truly rewarding and it perpetuates a cycle of giving. It’s extremely important to me as a person and as a company to foster a culture of generosity.” 

To submit a nomination, follow @CityLifestyle on Instagram and fill out the form found in the bio link. All entries will be read, and because this is not a raffle, there is no need to nominate someone more than once. The amount given to each recipient will be based on need. All nominations and recipients will be kept confidential. 

Nominations will be open November 27th, 2023 - December 10th, 2023

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