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The Citywide Prom

Celebrate the Centennial of Eden Prairie Schools

On April 25th, 1924, Eden Prairie students stepped into the future. “The Stars and Stripes Forever” roared out of a Victrola as each child was handed an American flag and ushered into our town’s new state-of-the-art gymnasium. Electricity. Central heating. Running water. A roof without pillars for basketball players to collide with. Imagine their awe!

The Historic Gym gave just as much cause for celebration 100 years ago as it does today. That’s why Eden Prairie Schools welcomes you to the Citywide Prom on the evening of May 18th.

The fête will highlight Eden Prairie Schools’ complete century of service to students with several historical displays – everything from artwork to vintage photographs to letterman jackets. Wondercure, a local classic rock band, will provide precisely the jams guests need to properly Lindy hop, twist, hustle, moonwalk, and, heaven help us, Dougie. Justice Paul Anderson, Sever Peterson, and other community leaders will address the crowd before the prom’s beaming royalty are crowned.

Guests are encouraged to dress as they would have for their own high school proms. Perhaps you will prepare by modifying a pink gown until it satisfies Ringwoldian standards, sculpting a beehive as high as Aqua Net will allow, or polishing wheat pennies until they’re reflective enough to earn their places in your loafers. You’ll look remarkable in any event. 

If you would like to truly mark the occasion, purchase VIE (Very Important Eagle) tickets. In addition to early access to the event, premium appetizers and desserts, and a commemorative gift, VIE tickets will give you access to a very important tent: the one where Eden Prairie Lions Club members serve beer and wine, including a special edition quaff by Fat Pants.

The Citywide Prom is for adults only (with apologies to Eden Prairie Lifestyle’s adolescent readership). If your ménage includes members who aren’t yet old enough to wax nostalgic, bring them to Family Fun Day, which will be free and open to the public on May 17th from 5 to 7pm. It will include a book fair, vehicle fair and resource fair, as well as hands-on activities, open playground, and access to the Historic Gym and all the decorations and presentations therein. 

“Every child in Eden Prairie attended the Historic Gym from 1924 until 1960,” said Kathie Case, president of the Eden Prairie Historical Society. “I have my own fond memories of it, and watched my boys graduate from kindergarten on the gym’s stage. I’m delighted to celebrate a place and an exceptional school system that have touched so many lives.”

“The Historic Gym has evolved to meet our community’s needs over the decades,” said Molly Malone, director of adult and community engagement programs for Eden Prairie Schools. “Basketball, basket socials, school plays, talent shows, proms, movie nights, athletic banquets, bake sales, Spanish immersion classes, immunizations … people even used to go there to do their ironing back before their homes had electricity. The Citywide Prom will honor that long-standing linchpin of our community, as well as all the people who have helped keep it standing for so many years.”

The Citywide Prom will be held on May 18th from 6:30 to 10pm, with one hour’s early access to VIE ticket holders. To learn more and purchase your tickets, please visit

Make the greatest investment you can: the future of Eden Prairie's children!

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