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Andy and Carrie Sears

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The Story of Blue Boat Counseling

For Andy and Carrie Sears, it was important for Blue Boat Counseling to be their way of helping others find their true selves. Andy and Carrie met as children while growing up in Worthington. After serving in the United States Air Force, Andy followed his calling and became a therapist in 2008 where he found success working with other veterans.

“Vets seek out other vets,” Andy said. “They’re just more comfortable talking to someone who’s been in the military.” In 2018, Andy and Carrie followed their dream of opening their own practice. There was “never any question” that they’d open it in Worthington because of the welcoming, progressive feel that the community provides. For them, it’s home.

“When Kilbourne founded it, he was adamant about ‘we’re accepting everybody,’” Andy said. “That worked out pretty well because that’s the way we are too.” When selecting the name, they called back on Andy’s childhood experience of loving the color blue and always waiting for the blue boat on theme park rides. They selected the blue boat as a symbol of authenticity and to represent the approach they use in helping clients.

“It was just him being his true self,” Carrie said. “And that’s what he helps clients do in therapy.” Blue Boat prioritizes their customer experience by creating a calm, welcoming environment, and by using a personalized approach that provides exceptional quality and highly personalized care for every client.

From Andy & Carrie Sears
Our team is passionate about their work and the clients we serve. We provide unmatched counseling services with an upscale experience, and we’re proud of the work we do in our Worthington community, serving greater Columbus. Whether you’re here for anxiety treatment, depression counseling, teen therapy, marriage counseling or PTSD treatment, we’re here with a true desire to help.

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