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The Comfort of Indoors—Outside!

Patio Roller Shades from Vertical Vic’s

Looking to turn your garage, porch, or other space into a more enjoyable outdoor living area? Christa Bazinski of Vertical Vic’s Blinds and Drapery in Mount Clemens offers a stylish solution. Patio roller shades can create “a more pleasant experience outdoors,” says Christa. “The shades help with harsh glare and sunlight and can protect against wind and insects.”

Vertical Vic’s offers patio roller shades in a variety of fabric colors and levels of opacity, with different options for controlling the shades. Motorized XL shades can be up to 16 feet by 11 feet and crank or clutch shades up to 11 feet by 11 feet, depending on the fabric chosen. These shades are intended to diffuse sunlight and should be pulled up in windy weather. More robust options, such as those with zipper side channels, can handle higher winds. The motorized zipper XL shades are available up to 25 feet by 15 feet, with optional obstacle detection for safety.

For more information on upgrading your space with patio roller shades, visit their knowledgeable sales staff in the showroom or call Vertical Vic’s at 586-465-3631.

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