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The Customizable Kitchen

Creative Contracting Inc. and C3 Architecture and Design encourage clients to think outside of the box.

Creative Contracting Inc. and C3 Architecture and Design offer clients in the greater Cincinnati area an unparalleled service in the home remodeling industry. It’s a time tested, top-to-bottom approach where all parts of the design, build and remodel processes are handled by their departmentalized team. 

This allegiance between Creative Contracting and C3 began in 1996 when founders, Rick Boyle and Mark Streicher, worked on their first project together. 

“It was so cohesive and natural that we ended up merging our companies in a design/build capacity and we’ve been working together to streamline the process for the last 25 years,” Rick reflects. 

Rick, who was born in Cincinnati and has lived here his entire life, jumped right into the work he’s doing today shortly after graduating from Mason High School. Mark also grew up in Cincinnati and studied architectural design at the University of Arizona. 

Rick met Mark when he joined the National Association of Remodeling Industry and decided to focus on the remodeling component of the industry moving forward. 

Together, Creative Contracting and C3 provide a full-service, streamlined design/build model to their clients. 

The process begins when a representative from the company visits a client’s home for an initial design consultation. At this stage, they discuss the type of renovation desired and assess the space to see if it will be possible. After listening to the client’s wish list, they challenge them to think about what they truly like and dislike about their existing space and what they’d like to accomplish. 

From there, C3 founder Mark Streicher and the Design Team draw up a few options for the client to choose from. Design is a process, and it is not uncommon that Mark will go back to the drawing board after the initial meeting to explore additional design concepts. Once a choice is made and the Design Process is complete, Creative Contracting is brought in to begin the pricing and construction process. 

“Clients come to us with an idea or challenge and we work with them to find a solution,” Mark explains. “It’s rare in our industry that contractors and architects have the teamwork concept that we do.”

Mark and Rick have done many kitchen renovation projects together. As with any project, they always urge clients to think outside of the box. 

“One of the biggest hurdles is when people think there’s a standard of how you have to do things. Your kitchen can truly be customized to meet your specific needs,” Rick explains. 

Many of the homes that Mark and Rick have worked on were built in the 1950s-1960s, and they’ve recognized that the needs of today’s homeowners have changed. 

“The kitchen has become the hub of most homes, and making that area universally functional is our goal,” Rick notes.

As far as maximizing kitchen space, Mark recommends removing any existing soffits and built-in pantries and incorporating full-height wall cabinets and pantry cabinetry, as ways to provide more storage space. 

“There are lots of new ways that clients are introducing islands and creating informal eating areas, eliminating the need for the traditional dining room table,” Rick explains.” Larger islands not only increase kitchen storage, but they also provide an area for family gatherings, home/office work and general entertaining.” 

Ultimately, Rick and Mark view every home project as a unique opportunity, each one requiring a different approach. 

“Creative Contracting did an amazing job with our kitchen remodel. They guided us through every step from design and selection coordination through the construction and finishing touches. The project has completely transformed our home,”  Joyanna, homeowner (project pictured here).

The CCI Design/Build/Remodel Process:

●      In-Home Consultation

●      Feasibility Study and Design Phase

●      Contractor Team Trade Meeting

●      Contract Presentation

●      Contract Acceptance

●      Material & Finish Selections

●      Timeline

●      Pre-Construction Meeting

●      Project Initiation

●      Final Punch Out

●      Project End/Creative Reflection Meeting

Creative Contracting, Inc.

4234 Mason Pointe Dr #15, Mason


C3 Architecture & Design

4234 Mason Pointe Drive Suite 800, Mason


  • Larger islands provide space for informal seating, entertaining and home/office work.
  • A larger island also offers additional storage and space for appliances.
  • Before
  • After. Full-height wall cabinets and pantry cabinetry provide more storage space. 
  • The Creative Contracting and C3 Arcitecture teams left a gift of wine, glasses and a custom cutting board for the homeowners to enjoy in their new kitchen.