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Dr. Sperl Sets Things Straight

Maybe you are a teenager and are currently rewarding yourself for finishing your homework by reading your favorite magazine. Or maybe you haven’t been required to learn algebra since rotary phones were in vogue. No matter. So long as you still have them, it’s always a good time to straighten your teeth. 

And you live in the best place to do it because our town is home to the practice of Dr. Adam J. Sperl. As a member of The Dental Specialists, Dr. Sperl belongs to a network of 31 doctors who practice every type of care modern dentistry has to offer. He is an orthodontist: an expert at setting things straight.

“I specialize in orthodontics because I love providing truly transformative care,” said Dr. Sperl. “By making major improvements to their smiles, I’m also making major improvements to my patients’ health, self-confidence, and overall outlook on life. I would never diminish my peers who specialize in fillings, crowns and root canals, but only orthodontic care can literally put smiles on people’s faces.

“Invisalign gives the Diamond Plus accreditation to the top one percent of their providers. A practice has to complete at least 400 cases annually to earn that distinction. Altogether, the orthodontists of The Dental Specialists exceed that many cases each year, and I complete the highest volume of the four of us.

“Braces aren’t obsolete. Sometimes they’re the best option for straightening teeth. Sometimes they’re the only option. That said, many of my new patients are surprised to learn they are good candidates for Invisalign. They may already know that Invisalign treatment is quick, comfortable, and virtually invisible. What they haven’t learned is how far Invisalign technology has advanced over the past decade. 

“Invisalign is now suitable for the majority of teenagers and adults who would like to straighten their teeth. Even if you suffer from severe bite issues, require oral surgery, or have two or three teeth that could only be straightened by braces, you can still correct your smile discreetly with Invisalign. I have provided Invisalign to patients who are in their 80s. Just recently, one of my senior patients told me her only complaint about Invisalign is that she hadn’t done it 20 years ago!”

Dr. Sperl is aware that his patients have better places to be than his waiting room. That is why his practice has focused on providing efficient care and has invested in technology like the iTero digital scanning system.

“Traditionally, an orthodontist had to create a mold of their patient’s teeth, send it to a lab, and wait to receive the results before developing a treatment,” said Dr. Sperl. “They had to repeat that same long, arduous process every time they wanted to gauge how well a treatment was working. But thanks to the iTero oral scanner, I’m now able to create a full 3D digital image of my patient’s entire mouth right here in my office and in a matter of seconds. It has made orthodontic care considerably more convenient for my patients who are eager to get life-changing results.

“If you have a major life event coming up – a prom, a college graduation, a wedding, even a 50th wedding anniversary – then I am confident I can give you your best smile before the big day arrives. In some cases, Invisalign treatment can take as few as three months!”

The Dental Specialists Orthodontics practice in Eden Prairie is located at 18315 Cascade Drive. Please call (952) 653-0475 to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Sperl, or visit smiletds.com to learn more.

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