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The Docs Are In!

Fathers who are also leaders in business share their reflections on parenting

Name: Daniel Sugai, MD

Occupation: Board-Certified Dermatologist and Tik Tok

The best fatherhood advice you've received?

My father told me growing up that “It is impossible to have a bad day two days in a row.” I grew up believing that and whenever I had a “bad day,” I would bounce back and believe the next day was going to be amazing. I am now teaching my children that same mantra.

Favorite family activities in Bellevue?

Our family likes to take walks around Kelsey Creek Farm and pick blueberries at Larsen Lake during the summer. 

Advice for balancing career and family? 

This is an ongoing challenge as my wife is an internal medicine doctor and we have two children. We have managed for many years working full-time and doing the drop-off and pick-ups from daycare and school ourselves. I like to finish all of my clinic work/notes at the office before coming home and that way, I can spend all of my time with my family. I try not to be on my phone or computer in front of my kids as much as possible and I do all I can to be at their sporting events and practices.



Is there a hobby you are nurturing right now?


My second “job” stemmed from social media. I started as a way to disseminate credible information around medicine and dermatology and my channels have evolved into a blend of lifestyle and skincare and some humor. I am so grateful for the support I have received and now have over 700K subscribers to my channels. YouTube (Dr. Daniel Sugai), TikTok (@drspf) and Instagram (@danielsugaimd).

Name: Dr. Art Jarvis  


Occupation: Superintendent of Bellevue School District 

The best fatherhood advice you've received?

I think the best parenting advice is to practice unconditional love and support for your children -- always. Our children are so keenly tuned to our disapproval that it lasts (as hurt) forever!   Career advice to my children and grandchildren -  explore until you find what you love to do. 

Favorite family activities in Bellevue?

I am still a visitor to Bellevue in many ways. Every area seems to have a new discovery. As a died-in-the-wool UW grad, I was thrilled to find Dick’s Drive in the other day!

Advice for balancing career and family? 

I am probably anything but a good example for balancing my life and career. After many decades of being a superintendent, my only defense is that when one is so blessed to still enjoy his work after this long, be sure to count those blessings! I could not have done this without my lifetime partner, Sandy. 

Is there a hobby you are nurturing right now?

Each of the places I have been able to serve in my Interim Superintendent role becomes my next major project, in a good way. There is always much to do and the sense of people depending on you to help. That feels good. 

Name: Gregory Vaughn

Occupation:    Orthodontist – Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics

The best fatherhood advice you've received?

Fatherhood is special to me because I get to see the world through the innocent and curious eyes of my three children and it brings me closer to my own father, who was a role model for me growing up and someone I aspire to be like. I will never forget an existential conversation I had with him when I was a young man, when life felt ever so fleeting, I wondered how I could make an everlasting impact on the world and how to know what was important in life. My father told me that these questions about what is important in life would be answered the moment I held my first born, that in that moment I would learn the deepest, truest kind of love and realize what is important in life.

This moment came back to me when I held my father’s hand as he passed, in that moment I looked around and saw my brothers and sister standing around my father. His legacy was in his family, in the love he gave us and, in the values he taught us. I believe that the mark of a successful man is that of leaving a lasting impression on his children, and raising compassionate, kind, creative and passionate individuals.

My favorite quote, that has inspired for nearly 30 years, is from Henry David Thoreau

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

Favorite family activities in Bellevue?

We love visiting the amazing urban parks around Bellevue, especially the Bellevue Downtown Park.  It is incredible to have such beautiful open spaces in a vibrant urban setting.

Advice for balancing career and family? 

My advice is to do everything you can to slow down and enjoy each phase of parenting your children because it goes fast!  Too often as parents, we get caught up in the mad rush of balancing work and raising kids. We are fortunate that my wife and I practice Orthodontics together, so we are able to adapt our work schedule so that one of us is present for school drop offs, pick-ups, sports, etc. 

 Is there a hobby you are nurturing right now?

Our free time is filled following our children, and we love it!  Our 2 older kids are living in Italy, our 21-year-old daughter is studying Psychology in Milan and our 18-year-old son is playing professional soccer. Our 4-year-old son keeps us very busy and entertained, between playing robots, Legos and soccer.

  • Dr. Vaughn