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5 Health Tips to Keep Women Healthy and Happy from Dr. Amy Merritt from Mint Health Clinics Lone Tree

Hello! My name is Dr. Amy Merritt and I am the primary care physician at Mint Health Clinics in Lone Tree. In the long run, when you are healthy so is your family. As I was thinking about what tips to share, my thoughts went way back. You see, I am almost 60 (although I feel in my mind like I am 16!) So that led to another thought—what do I wish I knew when I was 16?

  1. Keep a balance in your life in the areas of relationships with family and friends, work/career, finances, health (emotional and physical), spirituality, environment, and fun/entertainment. If you are struggling in these areas, ask yourself what you need to do to improve in each area. 
  2. Set SMART Goals: Specific, Meaningful, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based. Write down goals  in every area to get started. Then, ask for accountability. (I have six sisters, and depending on my goal I know which one of those six will help me stay accountable!)
  3. Get with loved ones: Hormones, particularly estrogen, are produced in response to our behaviors. Estrogen is a hormone that is produced when you feel dependent on someone. It took my sisters and I a long time to figure out why my Mom and her friends got together for “coffee”— they were helping each other out!
  4. Nurture your hobbies: Progesterone is made during the second half of our cycle. It’s the calming down hormone, and the key to stimulating it is to engage in activities you enjoy where you’re not dependent on someone.
  5. Build testosterone: Yes, us ladies need it too! Testosterone is our ‘get stuff done’ hormone. If you feel unmotivated, engaging in exercise or a productive activity will help! 

Remember, to stimulate proper hormone production you need both the behavioral and nutritional aspect!