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It isn’t often that we find the “perfect match.” In Dr. Mitzi Bell’s case, her match was The DRIPBaR in Baldwin Park. As a clinical consultant pharmacist with a background in hospital pharmacy, she was looking for a franchise that complements what she already does as a pharmacist.

“Conventional medicine has its place and its benefits, but it’s not the only health solution,” she states. “The DRIPBaR seemed to check off all of the boxes for me. That’s what drew me to this franchise in particular.”

The DRIPBaR Baldwin Park opened its doors on June 1, offering all of the popular DRIPBaR services including IV vitamin therapy, IM Quick Shots, plus state-of-the-art Red Light Therapy and a Halotherapy Sauna. With a passion for the benefits of IV therapy, Dr. Bell is especially interested in the offerings designed specifically to deliver fast-acting support for a variety of chronic conditions.

“Choosing these services can help you feel even better than the nutritional supplements you eat and drink,” Dr. Bell explains. “That’s because the digestive process takes time and breaks down many helpful nutrients before your body can absorb them. IV therapies, on the other hand, bypass digestion entirely, giving you a quick and effective boost.”

Laura Davis, a nurse practitioner, is a regular at the DRIPBaR, visiting every six to eight weeks. “I’m a firm believer. I’ve always been big on functional medicine and doing my own testing to know what sort of vitamins and minerals I needed to replace by taking just supplements. It’s nice to know that IV drips can replace that. I think more at a cellular level and get a better result.”

Here are four of the most requested DRIPBaR services, and a quick look at the benefits they provide.


Think of the Restoration drip as a way to replenish the electrolytes in your body, which in turn helps counter dehydration.


The Firm drip is all about supporting your skin from the inside out. It has a variety of functions related to anti-aging support, from anti-inflammatory to collagen building and everything in between.


This performance enhancement drip helps clients with extremely active lifestyles who are at the gym or out running most days of the week. It has a lot of amino acids to help build proteins in the body.


Your immune system is your “Shield” against infections and illness. Keeping your immune system working properly is the key to diminishing the risk of antimicrobial or antiviral infections.

go direct

IV therapy provides micronutrients directly, entering your bloodstream at a cellular level. It’s not being ingested orally to be metabolized in your gut or liver. It goes straight to the cells where it’s needed, with 100% bioavailability.

keep steady

Micronutrients play an important role in the way a body functions, supporting our endocrine system and thyroid function which in turn regulates blood sugar.

go home

It can take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes for the fluid in a drip bag to be delivered and absorbed into your bloodstream. Then you’re done!

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