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The Drive-In Experience

The Warwick Drive-In Serves Up Cinematic Nostalgia

Chances are, you spent at least a night or two of your childhood lying in the back of your parent's station wagon watching a movie at a drive-in theater. At one point, there were nearly 4,000 drive-in theaters across the US. They’re far harder to find these days, but they are still around — technologically updated for the modern age but still bringing a nostalgic vibe. 

One such theater is still in operation in nearby Warwick, NY. 

Today’s drive-in has upgraded their video to all-digital, replaced the tinny speaker hung on the side of the window with a high-quality signal played through the car radio, and features multiple screens playing current releases. 

Sure, you have other options now for taking in a movie. Whether it’s at a luxury theater with heated reclining seats and dinner options or simply at home on your ultra HD screen, you don’t have to make much effort for your cinematic viewing. But there’s something unique about the drive-in that is hard to understand unless you’ve done it. It’s old-time Americana, even if the station wagon has been replaced by a minivan, SUV, or Tesla. 

The drive to Warwick isn’t particularly long (only about 45 minutes). Why not make it a retro night of a movie under the stars, snacking on some popcorn and maybe sipping on a Yoo-Hoo? A trip back in time to a forgotten age will be an experience that you’ll always remember.