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The Dynamic Duo

Investing in Family, Friends, and Future

While most individuals view success as strictly money or business-related, it can also be defined by relationships. Family and community are extremely important and one of the greatest successes anyone can ever achieve. Evidence of this is found in the closely-knit bond between Chad Molitor and his son, Parker, who are partners at RAI Advisors. Chad and Parker help their clients make wise decisions when it comes to investing and preparing for retirement. The Molitors find their job extremely rewarding, building trust-filled relationships with clients and educating them from years of experience.

As a teenager, Parker tagged along with his father to stock trading programs and events all over the country, instilling a fascination with investing and the Stock Market. This would lead to years of education and a future partnership with his father. For 33 years, Chad has been educating clients and creating individual custom plans for successful retirement. Parker joined his father in a partnership ten years ago, where they work as a team with most clients, exercising each other’s strong suits.

When they aren’t at the office, this dynamic duo can be found on their Middle Tennessee farm, where they build and test off-road vehicles. Motorsports are a huge interest of theirs, from off-road racing to classic cars and motorcycles. Their latest project involves exchanging a regular off-road racer’s motor for an electric Tesla motor. 

Community means everything to the Molitors. They are on the board of many charities including New Frontiers and Haiti Light and Life for Chad, while Parker is active with Portico. They have built a strong biblical foundation for their business and daily lives, which gives them this incredible love for people.

Chad describes their daily goal at RAI Advisors as, “Helping people come from a point of confusion and fear to a point where they are confident and secure about retiring successfully.”

For more information about RAI Advisors, visit their Facebook at RAI Molitor or their website at 

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