The Elderberry Lady of Tennessee

It's All About the Berries!

Born and raised in Sumner County in Middle Tennessee, Teresa Kurowski suffered from severe allergies that continued to worsen over the years. After a particularly severe bout one year, Teresa was told she would need to take over-the-counter allergy medicine and nasal spray for the rest of her life to provide some relief.

Wanting to treat her allergies in a more natural way, this wasn’t an option for Teresa. Hearing that elderberries were helpful as a cold and flu remedy, she soon realized how much the berries were helping manage her allergy symptoms. Teresa then took a food science class at the University of Tennessee and became certified in Better Process Control.

Teresa began her elderberry business while continuing her career in real estate. Her husband Steve “has been with her from day one” and today the couple is fondly known as The Elderberry Lady and Dude of Tennessee. Says Teresa, “Prayer is the main ingredient. ‘Made and Prayed with Love’ is not just our slogan; it's our service.” Teresa adds that they have a new product coming out, The Elderberry Dude’s Honey Mustard, which is awaiting FDA codes.

Elderberries are a low-calorie food packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, and dietary fiber. They are reported to provide numerous health benefits including boosting our immune system, helping to address cold and flu symptoms, supporting heart health, and helping fight inflammation and infections.

The Elderberry Lady offers numerous healthful products including elderberry tea, vinegar, syrup, honey and honey sticks, lollipops, jam, lip balm, including a vegan lip balm with no bee’s wax, scented spray, body butter, and bath bars. You can find Teresa every weekend at the Nashville Farmer's Market  at pavilion two, booth 208. You can check out Teresa’s complete line of products at We think you’ll agree it’s definitely all about the berries!

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