The Elegance of Erma Jean

Sisters Honor their Grandmother by Opening a Women's Boutique in Her Namesake

Short Pump City Lifestyle got to chat with Lauren Llewellyn and Katelyn Peretti, co-owners of Erma Jean, a women's apparel, shoes, and accessories store in Short Pump. Recently commemorating its first anniversary, Erma Jean is sister-owned and named after Lauren and Katelyn's stylist grandmother, Erma Jean, who always knew how to make other women feel confident in their clothing. The sisters decided to build their family business by honoring the past and creating a legacy for future generations. "With a desire to help today's women feel the same and an interest in fashion, we leaned into the idea that a modern boutique could adopt the simple dress-shop mindset centered on building sophisticated wardrobes and making personal connections,” Lauren says.

In 2019, the duo launched Erma Jean online and expanded to a storefront by 2022. The boutique offers a curated selection of items. "We deliberately select timeless silhouettes and statement pieces that complement different shapes, sizes, and ages," Lauren says. "The core of our products is versatile and comfortable styles for many seasons in a woman's life." From fashionable and fun girls' night out outfits to refined styles for the office, Erma Jean carries a good mix of items to help women build a versatile wardrobe. Lauren and Katelyn are excited to share that they recently added a limited collection of apparel and accessories for little girls and an assortment of home and beauty products.

When it comes down to business, Katelyn knows their customers well and can find and evaluate products based on style, fit, color, price, and quality. Lauren brings her marketing experience to Erma Jean, staying focused on promoting new products and events, managing campaigns, and understanding sales trends. As a family-operated business, it's only fitting that their mother, Kim Peretti, plays a prominent role at Erma Jean. Kim manages their books, maintains a clean and organized appearance, ensures products meet their standard of quality, restocks items, and checks out customers.

Lauren and Katelyn are proud of their shop's location, situated among other small businesses that cater to women, like a salon, a med spa and wax center, and popular coffee and gift shops. With their grandmother's values and essence set at the forefront, the sisters thrive on connecting with local community members to assist with their fashion needs. Lauren and Katelyn welcome you to stop in Erma Jean at the Shoppes at WestGate in Short Pump, 11741 West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23120.

Shop online at: and follow them on social media: @shopermajean

"We inherited an entrepreneurial spirit, a value for craftsmanship, an interest in fashion, and a desire to support women as our grandmother did." - Lauren Llewellyn


“It’s not often that I can find a boutique that’s fashion-forward and fits my budget, but Erma Jean does just that! There’s something for every occasion and season, and the help and service from the owners can’t be beat!” - Betsy S.

“Loved my styling time with Lauren and Katelyn! They were friendly, listened to what I liked and didn’t like, and put different outfits together! They made a style-lacking mama turn into a confident outfit-wearing woman! I am not shopping anywhere else!” - Becky E.

“Erma Jean is always my first go-to shop for quality, stylish, and affordable pieces. I can trust their brand for style and fashion, and I’ve depended on their personal style sessions to help me pick pieces that will work for me and my body type.” - Melissa W.

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