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Find Your Place at the Table and Join Hannah Howard in Her Carefully Curated Home

Article by Gretchen Ferraro

Photography by Kylie Fitts | Stylist Jessie Capstick, Tangerine Room Events

Originally published in Cherry Creek Lifestyle

Imagine a dinner party that starts when you are greeted with a gorgeous welcome cocktail. You mingle with fellow guests while grazing on charcuterie before taking a seat and soaking up the magic of a table set with custom dinnerware, organic linen, glowing candles, flower-filled vases and calligraphy place cards on handmade paper. Your evening progresses, with everyone nibbling on homemade bread and passing decanters of wine paired perfectly with the seasonally and locally sourced menu while sharing heartfelt toasts across the table. Your evening culminates with a signature dessert and steaming espresso.

Luxury dinner parties like this could be catered and sourced from multiple vendors, but Feast, founded by Hannah Howard, provides it all (down to washing the dishes), with a level of care and connection that goes beyond table settings and food.

Building on her background as a creative director and stylist, Hannah first started Ink & Root, a calligraphy company March of 2016 after moving to Denver with her husband, DJ. Soon, this self-taught, left-handed calligrapher was bringing people together through her unique and organic art at calligraphy workshops. Her next evolution? In October of 2018, she launched Feast, with the help of her business partner Carsyn Bock.

“Feast is about giving each other access to the deeper parts of our lives by sharing, passing, interacting and ‘scooching’ a little closer to one another,” Hannah explains.

The laidback modern vibe that each Feast exudes is a reflection of Hannah’s killer personal style, which she describes as “slightly modern in the midst of a jungle with a nod to Morocco.”

To capture her vision, Hannah worked with designers all over the world to create each stylish element of a Feast. Consider it a sneak peek into what an intimate dinner party at Hannah’s house would be like, but with a personal chef, stylists/servers and a photographer to capture Insta-worthy shots.

“We set our clients up for hosting the most dreamy dinner party, but to be able to actually take part in the magic of the night,” explains Hannah. “When you’re hosting a dinner party by yourself, it’s impossible to truly enjoy it to its fullest because you are constantly working and anticipating other’s needs. We want to give our clients the delight of hosting, without the logistics and hassle of it all.

“Our timing, our placement of everything on the table, our incredible food, unique cocktails and our ability to create a mood with a beautifully created scene sets us apart,” she continues. “Details are what we are built upon. We do nothing without care and intention.”

For Hannah, a Louisiana native, gathering around a table and sharing a meal is a tradition deeply rooted in her childhood.

“I came from a traditional Southern family who always ate dinner together,” she says. “Every Sunday, we ate lunch at my Granny’s, who is my absolute role model and hero in the kitchen and in life itself.”

And Sunday lunches at Granny’s were truly feasts, with Granny teaching Hannah all the finest elements of being a gracious host.

“Homemade everything; five different vegetable sides from the garden, in traditional Southern form; at least two different meats; homemade rolls; and after it was all said and done and no one could fit in another bite, she served homemade dessert always followed by coffee,” she fondly recalls.

While Louisiana will always be home for Hannah and her husband, right after they got married, they decided they wanted to shake things up and experience new things, as well as live in a place that actually had four seasons. Since moving to Denver, it has stolen their hearts.

Thanks to Feast, Hannah continues to teach people the power of gathering around a table, instilled in her by her Granny years ago.

“The beautiful and magical setting our company provides is simply a way to foster that communal concept, but the heart behind Feast is carried long after the actual event,” says Hannah. “Everyone has to eat, so why not create a beautiful space and environment to do it together?”

Feast for Yourself

Ready to experience a Feast? Buy tickets to the first Pop-Up on Valentine’s Day—this inclusive, community-style Feast will happen monthly and features all the perks of a private dinner.

To buy tickets, learn more or book your own Feast, please visit FeastDinnerParty.com.


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