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Financial Silver Bullets

Engaging a Family Financial Services Firm for Your Family's Future

As a wealth management advisor, one question that I often hear is, “Is there a silver bullet when it comes to a financial strategy?” The seemingly obvious answer is no, but sometimes it's yes.

The first question to ask is, “What brings you peace and contentment?” If you can’t answer this question, silver bullets will never be enough. 

So, no, not one single thing can solve all your financial questions. This is a good thing. You might never find the answer if you had to rely on one thing to solve all your financial goals.

Here is the secret, the silver bullet: a collection of professionals surrounding you and your family in what is known as a family office. Traditionally, a family office was only available to the ultra-wealthy. If you have a CPA, financial advisor, estate attorney, insurance agent, and more, you already have the framework of a family office. 

Now ponder this: Are they all communicating with each other and, most importantly, collectively working toward your best interest? If the answer is no, we can help bring all of this into focus so you can see the big picture.

At CE̅DRUS, we will walk life with you, and together, we’ll tackle questions like: 

• Can I live the lifestyle I want in retirement? 

• Should I take Social Security now or wait?

• Can we really afford to buy that vacation home we always dreamed of? 

• How should I save for my kids’ education?

Let's sit down and discuss all the possibilities with the help of custom financial models that will allow you to answer these questions and be confident in the decisions you make.

Now, that can bring real peace and contentment.

Brandon Lorenz is a Wealth Management Advisor at CĒDRUS who is passionate about developing world-class personal and business financial strategies. An engineering graduate from Oral Roberts University, Brandon spent 15 years in engineering and management and now uses those problem-solving skills to assist clients toward a secure financial future. Brandon lives in Littleton with his wife, Laura, and their son, Liam. Brandon loves being outside, golfing, biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and spending time with his family.