Family-Friendly Steakhouse Coming To Downtown Celina

Article by Roger Ireland

Photography by The Forge 1912

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

What do you get when you blend a passion for good food with family, history, community, and a healthy dose of Texan charm? The answer is The Forge 1912, a one-of-a-kind culinary destination coming soon to downtown Celina. Owners Kristen and Brian Ethridge have partnered with local suppliers, have brought together a team with decades of industry expertise, and included even their children to bring the best of the best to the table–all while paying homage to Celina’s bygone days and traditions.

Drawing inspiration from experiences across Texas, the Ethridges’ aim is to present a hyper-local dining experience delivering the highest standards in menu and bar quality, as well as impeccable service, all within a comfortable environment. With an emphasis on keeping local, many bar and menu items will be sourced from the region. With options like: produce grown to organic standards being provisioned by Boterna Vertical Farms, grass-fed Red Angus from the likes of Ranch Hand Meat Company, select wines from Hidden Hanger, custom brews from 3 Nations Brewing and Rollertown Beerworks, freshly baked breads from Swirls Bakery, and desserts from Granny’s Sweeties just to name a few, we can feel good about supporting our friends and neighbors without compromising on quality!

With a menu designed to showcase the quality of the ingredients rather than hiding behind pretentious presentation, expect the unexpected. Although traditional cuts of beef expertly prepared by the chef will be the star of the show, the organic greens on the salad bar will most certainly steal some of the thunder! Classic accompaniments such as potatoes and asparagus that grace most steakhouse menus will certainly delight, but fresh parmesan-stuffed tomatoes and other side specialties are soon to make your list of favorites. All across the menu you’ll find personal touches from the Ethridge family, including namesake menu items from each of their three the kids, such as the bacon-wrapped Shrimp Bennett, Linnie’s mac and cheese, and a to-die-for chocolate hazelnut mousse whose recipe was created by their daughter Carrie–and refined with help from Mikayla Everson at Granny’s Bakery. Kristen is also including her favorite Caesar Blue Cheese as a signature salad dressing. The love and personal attention to detail will be unmistakable in every item.

Of course, what’s a steak dinner without cocktails and a wine list! Again, the Forge 1912 ups the ante by having a full bar menu with a Texas spin. You will find traditional well drinks mixed with local brands such as Balcones and TX Whiskey, Western Son, and Dripping Springs Distilling. Also expect a nod to Grover Sheets’ original blacksmith’s’ shop–once the longest running business in Celina. As the original business housed where The Forge will be, the new bar at 132 N. Louisiana will also feature a specialty cocktail menu inspired by each of Grover’s decades in business. A carefully curated wine list will feature top quality wines with representation from local Texas wineries like Denison’s Hidden Hangar, and will also include local favorites like Farm Road 455 and Celina Cuvee, sourced from our very own Valley Vines.

All of the care and consideration put into the menu and bar is extended to the atmosphere. Patrons will be equally comfortable enjoying plated salads and burgers at lunch seven days a week as they will be for celebrating milestones or date nights with an upscale steak dinner. We’ll also be able to gather with neighbors and enjoy cocktails and limited menu items on the city’s new patio as well as enjoy an elevated experience at the special chef’s table inside. The chef’s table will seat up to fourteen and will feature menus and pairings that are personally curated and delivered by the chef in full view of the kitchen. All of this will be served on a hand-crafted table from Rustic + Modern Handcrafted Furniture that will be made from 200-year-old hand cut wood and other materials found in the historic building.

The Ethridges’ unadulterated love of food, family and history is apparent in every single detail at The Forge 1912. It’s worth noting that their commitment to community is not only manifest in their local partnerships, but in on-going programs to give back to local education and charities through their Forged in Community program. Truly a peerless package deal, we simply cannot wait to welcome The Forge 1912 to our extended family. 


132 N Louisiana Drive, Celina


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