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The Foyer:

Unique Furniture, Home Decor, Lighting Plus Much More

An empty space or special home niche is a story waiting to happen, and there are specialists at one local interior decorating store who are very eager to help make those stories spring alive. 

Looking for one-of-a-kind pieces or decor to add style to a home or office? Carrie Keipp, owner of The Foyer at 1649 Clarkson Road in Chesterfield, says customers always find an ever-changing selection of unique and interesting items at her store, which launched during August 2022 and for which the grand opening was just held last September.

"We have put a new spin on home decorating, by offering home decorating with complimentary design services," she explains. "You also will find a mix of traditional, industrial, modern and Boho pieces within our offerings, so everyone can really achieve their personal flair."

In addition to a one-year anniversary celebration held Aug. 12-13, Carrie says a Fall Open House is slated for Sept. 9-10. During that weekend, customers can enjoy store discounts and special offerings. 

"We have options for enhancing everyday, always," says Carrie. "Then, our customers like to decorate specifically for fall, winter, Christmas accents and spring." 

Store designer Chantell Gibson shows clients how to mix pieces to come up with their own style, adding that it's extra exciting to do that because their inventory changes often and their pieces are limited. She says popular base items are trays, bowls, centerpieces and table runners. "Florals are a great way to handle transitional seasons, too," Chantell adds. 

"We walk through the store, with customers very involved in the process, discussing ideas and budgets, trying out options with whatever piece they've brought to freshen. Sometimes, they want to redecorate their fireplaces, mantles or built-in shelves and we build around those," says Carrie. 

The Foyer customers take pictures of the personal spaces they wish to decorate and bring measurements to the store so that the team can customize certain looks and styles for them from which to choose. Colors and budgets are discussed, and guidance is offered about how to recreate favored looks at home or an office. 

At press time, Carrie and Chantell were in Las Vegas already hunting and securing new decor options for spring 2024. Currently, the team is providing new fall candles and scents, as well as new candlesticks and accent lights. They enjoy working with other regional companies and women-owned businesses. One tip that the The Foyer team offers for this present seasonal transition is to mix blues with browns. Another look that they encourage is to mix black and neutral shades on tablescapes for clean, organic looks.

They also have granite oil candles for unique accents. Granite rock candles add a mystical feeling to rooms as the flames appear to spring from the rock as if by magic. They also have unique ceramic canisters, vases and lamps that they assure make great statement pieces on coffee tables, kitchen islands or console tables.

Regarding popular colors for interior designs, Carrie says softer hues, blushes, brushed gold, muted silvers, black accents, along with mixing woods and metals are in demand. She says they do a lot of interesting decorating with greenery and lights, often mixing lit branches with floral arrangements to bring a natural feeling into homes. 

"We really enjoy helping our customers capture their own looks while setting their homes and spaces apart from everyone else," says Carrie. "We buy products and top-notch supplies that hit us personally as striking or innovative, and we're told that we carry items not seen elsewhere."

Mondays-Saturdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sundays: Noon to 4 p.m. 

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"We are all about the details, and having those perfect pieces for styling homes," Carrie Keipp, owner of The Foyer in Chesterfield.

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