The Future of Flooring is Now

Emerald Finishing Group is your "go-to" epoxy flooring contractor

Epoxy flooring is popping up everywhere these days, and you don't have to look very far to see it either.  Everywhere from government buildings, to restaurants, gyms and almost every room in private residences, epoxy flooring systems are being installed on an ever-increasing scale. 

Joshua Poultney, owner of Emerald Finishing Group, says that the popularity of epoxy flooring has skyrocketed since he first started doing them — so much so, that it has now become a specialty niche for them, representing almost half of their business. 

"When I first started installing epoxy floors about seven years ago, we did maybe one or two floors a year for the first couple of years. Today, we are doing them almost every other day," he says. 

The astonishing increase in volume can be attributed to the many advantages of epoxy flooring. The floors are seamless and liquid-tight, durable, easy to clean, stain-resistant and sustainable. They are also extremely eye-catching and often make an artistic statement. 

The design possibilities are almost endless as well. With a large selection of epoxy decorative finishes, stains and colors to choose from, the floor can be as smooth, glossy and reflective as glass, or it can be textured and even rough like sandpaper. With an epoxy flooring system, one thing is for sure: no two floors are ever the same. 

In many cases, an epoxy floor transforms into a piece of art, with creative designs and materials being utilized to create that one-of-a-kind custom floor that often times showcases your unique style and personality. If you can imagine it, Josh and his team at Emerald Finishing Group can create it for you.

"Every [floor] that we do is unique," Josh says. "I've never been able to replicate anything or make the same thing twice."

It's even possible to have your favorite sports team logo sealed between the layers of epoxy in your man cave, basement or garage. And while you'll commonly see epoxy used for custom flooring applications, it's not unusual to see it used for creative countertops, tables and furniture as well. Emerald Finishing Group has done epoxy flooring for Thyme 2 and tabletops for Monarca Cantina — both restaurants in downtown Medina. The next time you are in either of those restaurants, take notice of the custom epoxy jobs Emerald has done.

It is important to note that Emerald only uses the finest Sherwin-Williams products solely made available to specialty flooring contractors. These products are head and shoulders above the types of epoxies that you might see in your typical home improvement stores and, since they are indestructible, they come with a lifetime warranty.

Of course, Josh is proud of his work and is more than willing to back it up, but don't just take it from him (and me). Testimonials from many happy and satisfied customers can be found on their website. For example, Jon List from Wadsworth says, "We have used Emerald for every flooring application you can think of in the schools that I represent. Their epoxy is amazing, [and their] carpet and tile installers are all top-notch. I can’t think of anything they can’t do. Josh and Megan operate with a customer-first approach and that is so rare these days.”

Visit EmeraldfFnishingGroup.com for more information and to receive a free estimate. 

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