The Future of Concierge Telehealth

No Need to Leave Your Home or Office: Service Offers Health Care 24/7

Ever felt ill or had a health concern that needed addressing, but you were just so busy that you didn’t want to take the time out to sit in a waiting room for what could be an hour or more?

Have you read about a health care treatment—Semaglutide, for weight loss, for example—that you would like to learn more about, but again, the time required to schedule a doctor’s visit and then be present for that visit just isn’t practical right now?

Or perhaps you’re experiencing stress or sleep problems or would like some advice on a health concern like hair loss or intimacy issues.

InstaDocNow—billed as “the future of concierge telehealth—may be the option you’ve been looking for, says its president, Nichol Vagrosky of Oklahoma City, who founded the national telehealth company in 2021.

“Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, InstaDocNow offers physician-directed, same-day online appointments, 24/7 customer support, full-service online urgent care, medications delivered to your door, and FDA-approved weight-loss medications—all at an affordable price,” she said.

Patients may even order various lab kits delivered to them at home; if needed, a follow-up consultation will be scheduled for treatment.

“InstaDocNow is a modern and convenient approach to primary care,” Nichol says.

“Except for true emergencies, when the ER is the best option, you do not need to leave your home or office to receive care. Online consultations cost only $69.00 per visit, which can in some cases save patients thousands of dollars a year.

“Even greater savings may be realized through monthly memberships, which are $39.99 per patient and cover prescription refills, virtual chats, complimentary doctor notes for return to work or school, long- or short-term treatment plans and physician referrals,” she adds.

InstaDocNow also offers an InstaHeroes Program for veterans, police officers and first responders with discounts for a range of services, including addiction recovery, and another for college students ages 18-24. The telehealth program is a viable option for those without insurance, as well, Nichol notes.

For more information about InstaDocNow, visit instadocnow.com.


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