The Gift of Providing a Meal

Local Restaurant Owners Show Thanks to Those That Serve and Protect Us

Veterans Day has a special meaning to Jimmy and Nadine Daskalos, owners of the popular El Patron restaurants. Nadine’s father, Nestor Martinez is a Vietnam Army Veteran.  During the war, Juan served in Military Intelligence carrying classified documents from camp to camp, through life-threatening battles.  Since the war, Juan and his family have had to deal with his symptoms of PTSD and neuropathy, which has caused him to now require a wheelchair.

Until recently, the Daskalos’s were partners in iconic restaurants Yannis, Nick & Jimmy’s, Mykanos, and El Patron. During the last decade, Nick & Jimmy’s has provided free meals to those who serve our community every November. In 2019 they proudly served over 500 meals. Unfortunately, the 2020 Veteran’s Day Event was postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The El Patron Restaurants are now owned and managed by Jimmy and Nadine Daskalos, while Nick & Jimmy’s and Mykonos are owned by Nick and Anna Marie Kapnison. This year, both El Patron and Nick & Jimmy’s will be hosting Veterans, active-duty military personnel, and currently-employed first responders and their families as a “thank you” for their service.

Jimmy says, “It has always been great to see veterans sitting around tables, eating and having meaningful conversations.” He recalls one particular 94-year-old WWII Veteran who attended the event for years and how much it meant to the Veteran to be honored and have meaningful conversations with others. Jimmy reports, “Many of these Veterans don’t have anyone else so they really appreciate the event.” Nadine’s father also attends the event yearly and enjoys the comradery and conversations.

Nadine and Jimmy are avid supporters of our community. This year they gave 100% of their proceeds from El Patron’s Cinco De Mayo event to local charities near and dear to their hearts, Cuidando Los Ninos and Roadrunner Food Bank. El Patron persevered through the pandemic and utilized 100% of their state-issued COVID PPE to maintain jobs for all of their employees. 

Understanding that secondary trauma, or compassion fatigue, is a very real and difficult issue, the Daskalos’s feel it is also important to honor the families of Veterans and first responders for their ongoing support and sacrifice. El Patron is ready to serve in their dining room and on the patio on November 11th from noon until 5 pm.

Nick & Jimmy’s will be serving meals on November 17th from 11 am to 3 pm.  Please call to confirm dates and times as they are subject to change (El Patron: 505-275-0223.  Nick & Jimmy’s: 505-344-9169).

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