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Life Insurance

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Why is LIFE insurance so important? 

Let me help answer this question. Will your loved ones have the financial capability to survive without your income? Have you considered that due to the lack of income, your family could be forced to move from their home? Would those left behind be able to cover final expenses? Life insurance can help to cover these potential problems.

These are just some of the questions you’d need to ask yourself when considering life insurance. Everyone deserves a secure financial future and peace of mind that our loved ones would be taken care of.

As a mother of three, I knew early on that it would be important to provide for my family if something were to happen to me. As an insurance agent and daughter of a 30-year agent, I can tell you that I am most passionate about life insurance, just as my mother was. I’ve seen firsthand how it can change lives in the event of a loved one’s passing. The grieving process is overwhelming enough, so having one less thing to worry about is a gift.

With such an uncertain future, how are we preparing to care for our loved ones if we’re not here? The gift of financial security means you are protecting them after you are gone.

Here are some things to consider when identifying your life insurance policy goals.

1.       Total annual income if you die today. How many years your family would be covered?

2.       Funeral and other final expenses

3.       Mortgage and other outstanding debts

4.       The legacy you want to leave for future generations and/or secure college funding for children

The best time to think about life insurance is when everyone is young and healthy! It is often affordable, and can be life changing in case of loss of life.

As an insurance agent, it is important that I know my policy holders and their families are protected. I would love to speak with you about a solution that is right for you and your family. Let’s discuss that today!

Julie Cook is an exclusive Allstate agent. Her business, Julie Cook Insurance Agency, is located at 11723 S. Western Ave, OKC. She can be reached at or 405.692.2411.

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