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A Posture of Gratitude

Reconnect Chiropractic aligns spines and minds towards a more positive reality

Article by Hannah Echols and June Grey

Photography by Flourish Branding Photography

Originally published in Loveland & South Lifestyle

Difficult times have a tendency to reveal the core of people’s character. On one extreme, people can fold under the pressure. On the other, they can rise above their circumstance better than before. Reconnect Chiropractic is a local business that has chosen the latter by adopted a posture of gratitude during the pandemic, and they’re encouraging their clientele to as well. 

Doctor Shpendi Lluhani and Doctor Deanna Allegar opened their chiropractic office in Loveland on March 23 of 2020 only to shut it down three days later due to COVID. The unexpected obstacle in the beginning of their business’ story has enhanced their appreciation for being open now. In order to display that, they have put a ‘thankful tree’ in their lobby. They encourage patients of all ages to write or draw what they are thankful for, and they add it to the tree’s collage. 

Shpendi and Deanna are engaged to be married sometime next spring. As a couple, they are thankful for their family’s support, as this has been an undoubtedly rough time to open a business.  Doctor Sphendi said that going through the uncertainty of this last year's events would have been very difficult if they weren’t able to go through it together. In addition, they are both very thankful for the support of the Loveland community throughout their new adventure.  People are consistently willing to go above and beyond.

In addition, the two doctors are grateful to be able to provide care to their community on a daily basis. They focus on serving expecting mothers and their newborns. As specialists in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care, Dr. Shpendi and Dr. Deanna are able ease discomfort during pregnancy and get both mom and baby ready for a safe delivery. They feel as though the mother is often forgotten, or at least not cared for as she should be, during pregnancy in terms of chiropractic care. They ensure their patients are well rested and relaxed, as well as helping with postpartum depression and other post-delivery care procedures.

In terms of the babies, Reconnect Chiropractic helps with colic, latching concerns with breastfeeding, jaw, and neck issues. With newborns, the main focus is on the spine. Most of the pressure being on the infant's neck and spine during delivery, causing eighty percent of babies to have spinal trauma after birth. As kids grow and develop, Dr. Shpendi and Dr. Deanna also help with struggles such as potty training, constipation, and even the child's focus in school.  Their office also sees older children that have been diagnosed with ADHD. 

The team at Reconnect Chiropractic is excited about the momentum that they are gaining in the Loveland community and look forward to building relationships with more of the residents. 

"We are thankful for the community itself. It has just been such a wonderful blessing to be here. Everyone's been so supportive, going above and beyond," Dr. Deanna says.