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The Golden Touch

Nancy Almodovar of Nan and Company Properties shares her insights on the Houston housing market and how she juggles her busy life.

I believe the pandemic has shown everyone the importance of a home they can grow, work, and have fun in.

Nancy Almodovar is no stranger to hard work. After starting her real estate company at her kitchen table in 2014, she has quickly grown Nan and Company Properties to one of the top real estate firms in Houston. Numerous awards and accolades and her busy life as a CEO, wife, and mom to two children haven't tampered with Almodovar's drive to continue growing and innovating. She shares her insights on Houston's real estate market and her new projects for the upcoming year. 

How did you become interested in real estate?

My passion for real estate began because my father flipped houses when I was younger, and I became interested in helping him. 

How is Houston's real estate market different from other parts of the country?

Houston has plenty of space and more land for neighborhood developments. Houston is fast-moving and constantly growing, and you get more for your money here.

What is one common misconception people have about realtors?

I feel that people think everything we do is glamorous. They don't realize that realtors are out constantly in the field and that this job requires a lot of hard work and truly is around the clock. 

How has the pandemic transformed the real estate market?

The real estate market has been hot with the lowest interest rates ever; since the pandemic, the market has been nonstop. 

Are there any pandemic related housing trends that you think will stick around after the pandemic?

I believe the pandemic has shown everyone the importance of a home they can grow, work, and have fun in. The home trends of big backyards, office spaces, and media/game rooms will remain after the pandemic. 

What are you most excited about for your business this year? 

I am excited about expanding into the Houston Heights at the end of this year - we will have a much bigger presence there. We also recently developed Nan Real Estate Bootcamp, where licensed realtors will get a bootcamp-style crash course in luxury real estate for ten weeks. We also recently unveiled Nan Development Services to provide developers with a comprehensive and strategic approach to program development, launch, and sustaining sales for a project. 

  • Photo Credit Banavenue Photography
  • Photo Credit Banavenue Photography

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