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The Good Team

This Year, a Beloved Boulder Real Estate Group Celebrates a Major Milestone

Article by Linden Butrym

Photography by Poppy & Co. by Kelsey Huffer

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

Buying or selling a home is too often considered to be a daunting experience—there’s so much to know and so much to plan. In a complex market like Boulder, the process might seem even more overwhelming. What makes that experience seamless and one you might perhaps even enjoy? Working with an experienced realtor, especially one who prioritizes relationships above all else.

In the 50 years since Bill Goodacre established Goodacre Group (originally R.W. Goodacre & Co.), his family-owned and operated luxury real estate firm in Boulder, he and his team have become known as exceptionally trustworthy and deeply knowledgeable. Newly cataloged within the portfolio of milehimodern, Colorado’s uber-luxurious real estate brokerage, the Goodacre Group is continuing to bring unparalleled expertise to buyers and sellers of high-end properties in Boulder. Bill’s son, Tim, has worked alongside him since 1992.

“I’ve got a remarkable amount of wisdom from dad,” Tim says. “We’re more like brothers in how we work together. We know Boulder County, the neighborhoods, streets, houses, builders, contractors—every nuance of a neighborhood that most people won’t know. That information is really valuable.”

Bill’s first foray into Boulder real estate came in the 1970s with the development of Wonderland Hills, an affluent northwest Boulder subdivision, where he sold most of the homes. Genuine and hardworking, Bill continued to form relationships with various acquaintances (and their acquaintances), building a reputation as a go-to luxury broker. For decades, he and Tim have consistently sold the highest-value homes throughout Boulder County. In just the past 20 years, Tim has over $800 million in sales.

“Ninety percent of our business is referrals and repeat business because people understand what we offer,” Bill says. “We’ve probably sold half the homes in Boulder, and sometimes we know off-market opportunities because we know people well. We often become lifelong friends. That is really worthwhile because you meet some wonderful people.”

John and Jan Peterson, friends of Bill’s from Texas, used to visit him in Boulder every summer for 20 years. They initially bought two rental properties from the Goodacre Group; then, also through the firm, the Petersons bought their first primary home before successfully selling it and purchasing a larger one. Because of Bill and Tim’s industry knowledge and extensive history in the Boulder area, they chose to refer another friend to Goodacre.

“Bill never pushed us into buying a property,” John says. “He always just gave us guidance and support.” John adds that every year around Christmas, Bill and Tim take a couple of days to personally deliver New Year’s calendars to their clients’ homes. “That’s just who they are. I can’t give a higher compliment.”

Many Goodacre Group clients are parents or grandparents who move to Boulder for its beautiful location and because they want to be closer to their kids and grandkids. Bill and Tim share this sentiment as active members of the Boulder community (Bill attended Colorado College on a hockey scholarship and coached the University of Colorado hockey team; Tim shares that they’re always outside: boating, water skiing, snow skiing, cycling), and as an intergenerational business. Tim’s son, Joe, is currently obtaining his real estate license and plans to join the firm this year.

As a part of milehimodern, an exciting phase of growth is imminently on the horizon, although the Goodacre Group maintains the same heart and soul it’s had for 50 years. “When you work hard, you naturally progress,” Tim says. “As time went along, dad rose through the ranks in the luxury market to prove himself and establish a great reputation in town. We’re good at listening and understanding, and the satisfaction of helping people is what we enjoy most of all.”