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The Great Outdoors at Home

Optimizing Outdoor Living with a Local Landscape Design-Build Expert

For John Herron, being in landscaping extends far beyond the term’s standard definition. Instead, it’s a pursuit that takes an encompassing view of the potential of an outdoor space—one that involves design and construction with both peak visual appeal and effortless functionality in mind.

“When people think of landscaping, they often associate it with incorporating plants, trees or greenery into a space,” says Herron, general manager of RSL Outdoor. “But for us, we’re looking to change or improve the way that an outdoor space functions and flows as a whole. How can a family better utilize all of the outdoor living aspects of their home? These are the types of large outdoor living projects we tend to focus on.”

Combine this holistic philosophy with the sterling professionalism and partnerships that are quintessential to the RSL Outdoor experience, and you have a brand that sets the standard for outdoor living design and build along the Front Range. With a mission to provide clients with exceptional outdoor living spaces that will improve their quality of life, RSL Outdoor prides itself on its reputation for clear, honest communication and true collaboration.

“Our uniqueness comes from our ability to listen to our clients’ wants and needs and translate those into extraordinary outdoor living spaces,” Herron says.

These genuine relationships have been especially key over the last year as more people have spent more time at home—and have often found themselves looking to enhance their outdoor spaces and create convivial family gathering and entertainment areas. 

“We are providing creative, functional spaces for families to enjoy their time together and make memories,” he says. “Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen more clients interested in creating outdoor living spaces with family focuses, with more projects including fire pits, barbecues, fireplaces and pools.”

Demand for these family-centric projects has not slowed, and Herron notes that copious planning and an eye far down the road are crucial to truly optimizing your outdoor spaces.

“Sizeable outdoor living projects will and should take a lot of planning,” he says, “and working with a design/build company will and should take time.”

Herron urges homeowners interested in upcoming outdoor renovation projects to already be thinking about 2022. Create a list of ideas to try to home in on a desired look and aesthetic to help your design/build partners map out a more focused design path and to kickstart brainstorming and planning.

“Ultimately, we’re here to help clients answer the question of how they can get the most out of their property,” Herron says. “For that to happen, a true partnership must be formed, and I most enjoy hearing from clients that a finished project is something better than what they imagined it could be.”

Ready to Dive In?

If you’re dreaming of an outdoor renovation, John Herron has a few tips to best prepare you for the road ahead.

  1. Call Early. Large outdoor renovation projects take many months of design and planning, so be thinking ahead—even farther ahead than you may assume.

  2. Have a Budget in Mind. The best landscaping and construction are not inexpensive, so having a sense of what you’re willing to spend facilitates better discussions and expectations.

  3. Brainstorm Ideas. Your outdoor space should be about your enjoyment and reflect your aesthetic. Whether you include just basic needs or specific design inspiration, have some thoughts recorded to kickstart conversations.

  4. Have Patience. Many of the processes involved in outdoor renovations cannot be rushed, and unpredictable elements like the weather can delay timelines. Remember that the end result will be more than worth the time.

  5. Remember the Investment. Well-designed, well-constructed outdoor living projects add immense valuable living space to a property. The goal is to create a space you will love so much that you end up using it even more than your interior family room!