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George C. Marshall's Dodona Manor

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The Greatest Historic Home You've Never Seen

George C. Marshall's Home and International Center Foster Selfless Service

Article by Melinda Gipson

Photography by Melinda Gipson

Originally published in Leesburg Lifestyle

Adam Shinberg (right), a 16-year-old Broad Run High School Junior, works as a tour guide at George C. Marshall’s home in the center of downtown Leesburg. He may be one of the few locals who can not only identify the house, but say why he reveres its former occupant. He tells how the five-star general was tasked to create a plan to rebuild war-torn Europe – the plan bearing his name – and why he served as President Truman’s special envoy to China. Someday, he hopes to run a museum that helps to explain history to everyone.

Eyetopia, Paige Buscema’s business, stands virtually across the street from the mansion, yet she knew little about it until a client asked her to join the board of The George C. Marshall International Center. A self-described "Army brat,” she says, “I see how our leadership today lacks some of his selfless service mentality, his statesmanship, and I understand the deeper and broader implications of losing that kind of legacy in the world." Ironically, she says, the garden Marshall never got to retire to and tend, grows 500 pounds of food yearly for Loudoun Hunger Relief. 

Upcoming Events:

February 22: Tour guide recruitment open house

March 4: Foreign Policy Book Club

March 19: Foreign policy brown bag lunch discussion

May 8: George C. Marshall Innovation Awards Gala 


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