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The Guild Group

Creating Clients for Life

“Buying a home is the American dream,” said Kim Guild, owner of The Guild Group. “You deserve more than someone you can trust while you’re making the largest investment of your life. You deserve someone who genuinely cares about you. Someone who’s always in touch. Someone who doesn’t treat you like you’re just another number! I didn’t become a Realtor simply because I wanted to help people buy and sell houses. I wanted to create real human connections. Plus I enjoy connecting good people with good people. And after 18 years in the business, creating those connections is still my favorite part of my job.

“I worked in the corporate world for 15 years before I founded The Guild Group. I don’t mean to diminish my former employers, but I gradually grew tired of never really getting anywhere no matter how hard I worked – or feeling a genuine sense of worth. Once I realized I no longer felt in control of my destiny, I resolved to do something that would restore my sense of purpose. To me, that meant giving people guidance, negotiating on their behalf, and helping them make the best financial decisions for their future. In other words, that meant a new career in real estate.

“I became a Realtor in 2004. I started out with a new phone number, a list of virtually everyone I had ever met, and not much else. I did okay during my first six years, but joining Keller Williams Realty in 2010 was the turning point. That’s where I discovered the systems, strategies, data, tools and scripts I needed to create a truly effective business.

“I can’t say enough good things about Keller Williams Realty. Their culture is just so amazing. Thanks to their partnership I’m surrounded by like-minded and big-thinking people who push me every day – not just to become a better Realtor, but to become a better human being as well. And although I have free license to manage The Guild Group however I like, I know I’ll always have support from a phenomenal team each step of the way.

“I have fashioned myself as a ‘concierge service’ Realtor, who does more for my clients than they typically expect. If you call me today, I would begin our conversation by asking what you value most from your real estate agent. Your answer to that one simple question would color every future interaction we’d share. I like to get to know my clients and what makes them tick. I serve them how they want to be served, and create individualized plans just for them.

“If you are open to updating your home before we list it together, I’ll ask for your budget and then advise the improvements which will yield the greatest return on investment. I know you probably have more urgent matters to attend to than purchasing materials and managing contractors. That’s why I’ve already made updating each of my clients’ houses a major part of my service. I’ll shop for lighting for you. I’ll pick out bathroom fixtures for you. I’ll line up the plumber, electrician, painters and carpeting crew we’ll need to bring every last item on the punchlist to fruition. One of my clients once said I provide ‘red carpet service with a white glove approach.’ I felt honored by the compliment, and grateful to him for so aptly describing the assistance I try so hard to provide.

“It’s one thing for people to place their faith in my process. It’s quite another for them to witness my process firsthand and then want the same thing for their friends and family. That’s why I’m so proud to know that about 90 percent of my business is based on referrals alone.

"I enjoy being a matchmaker and connecting great people with great homes. I find it very fulfilling to help my clients with one of their largest purchases in life and see the joy in their eyes as they realize this is the one! I take great pride in educating my clients about the current real estate landscape and helping them navigate the ups, downs and unknowns. I set expectations with them so they know how to be successful and find a win/win with all parties. Negotiating their terms and completing the sale at the closing table is not the end. I stick around! I host happy hours, parties and other events throughout the year to continue our relationship and let them know how much I appreciate them.

“I’m also proud to be a member of the Eden Prairie community. This is where I live and where my daughter goes to school. This is where I host my annual client appreciation barbecue, which is tied to a local non-profit that brings awareness to teens and young adults’ mental health. I often volunteer at PROP Food Shelf and the PROP Shop. I’m also an ambassador for the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce, as well as a co-chair for the chamber’s women’s committee. Helping other women to become entrepreneurs is very important to me.

“At the end of the day, it’s not enough to help people move to our city. I also want to make Eden Prairie an even better place for my newest neighbors to move to!”

Kim specializes in luxury and senior housing, although she works with plenty of traditional buyers and sellers as well. She is also a certified relocation real estate agent, and regularly partners with clients who are planning to move to the Twin Cities area or need to connect with a great agent in another market. No matter your real estate needs, putting yourself in the right hands begins by visiting

“I have fashioned myself as a ‘concierge service’ Realtor, who does more for my clients than they typically expect."