The Heat is (Still) On

Talking real estate with Amy Jones

We sat down with Amy Jones of the Atlanta Legacy Team to learn more about the local housing market, and the news is still good! Thinking of selling? Give her a call – there’s a buyer waiting. 

East Cobb Lifestyle: What should buyers and sellers know about the market right now? 
In general, stop listening to the national news regarding the market! Our market is strong. We have so many buyers looking, and there is just no inventory. Sellers, please don't wait. If you want to sell or move, please don't put it off thinking there are no buyers because interest rates ticked up a bit. Historically, interest rates are average, and I'm not seeing that being a deterrent to purchasing. However, the low inventory is. I don't want buyers coming into this market being discouraged with the lack of inventory — I believe sellers just don't have the correct information. 

ECL: How do you discover what the wants and needs are of your clients?
My process for both buyers and sellers starts with a meeting where we discuss their moving goals. If my clients are relocating to Atlanta, it's part of my job to uncover what they want by asking questions like, do you work from home? If not, where? Do you want walkability? Are you a foodie? What does a typical weekend look like for you? Are kids in the picture or future picture? 

These questions may seem out of the ordinary, but I want to know what they want in a home. Starting there lets me know which area of the city to talk about, and then I hope they fall in love with Atlanta like I did in 1997! Ultimately, I hope to work with clients over and over as their needs change and evolve. 

ECL: Can you share a story about a buyer who found their dream home? 
Several years ago, I met with a couple who was renting a townhome to acclimate to Atlanta. The first time we met, they shared how they would love to live near a park — she was a runner and swimmer and he played tennis and golf. Our search led us to Chastain Park, and we looked at everything on the market, some homes more than once. None were the one. But they had time on their side since they had a lease, so we waited. A home hit the market across the street from the park, and I boldly asked if I could bring my clients to the "agent open" the first day on market. It was the one! It ended up having multiple offers, but we crafted our offer to stand out, and my clients won the bidding war. They still live there today, and I've been lucky enough to help their son and his girlfriend find a home too. 

ECL: What keeps you in this industry? 
When many people think of my job, they think about buying and selling homes. That’s the result for sure, but it’s not what keeps me in real estate. I trust the process and the root of my business: helping people. Staying grounded for my clients in a process that can be very emotional — believing in their goals as much as they do, and seeing them through to the very end. I also don't disappear once a deal is closed! I love to be a referral source for my clients, from home care and updates to local boutiques and massage therapists.

"Sellers, please don't wait. If you want to sell or move, please don't put it off thinking there are no buyers because interest rates ticked up a bit..."

-Amy Jones 

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