The Holiday Baskets Were Hung By The Front Porch With Care

Creating A Holiday Hanging Basket Plant With All A Bloom Flowers and Gifts

Oasis wet floral foam

floral tape

corsage tape

floral wire

decorative berries

design bowl #39

floral wood picks

#40 wired holiday ribbon

a string of battery-operated fairy lights

hanging basket

cut holly

cut plumosa

cut cedar

a glass of wine & holiday cheer


soak the foam in water with floral food 

drink wine while this soaks

place soaked foam in design bowl and tape it in to secure it

place dish into hanging basket and start building your greens into the wet foam

be creative and fill it in 360 degrees

make some loops with your ribbon and secure with floral tape to a wood pick

insert decorative berries and holly

take a break and have some wine, you're almost finished

place the fairy lights in and turn on some joy for your front porch!

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