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The Holiday Table

Interior Designer Kirsty Mastrandonas Shares Advice on Creating an Enchanting Holiday Table

Sharing meals with loved ones during the holidays is a beloved tradition. This month, Interior Designer Kristy Mastrandonas, owner of Kristy Mastrandonas Interior Design & Styling, gives advice on how to create an enchanting table that will make your holiday meal even more memorable.

Sharing meals with loved ones during the holidays is a beloved tradition. Having a beautifully set table can make the experience so much more special. Why do you think that's so?  

I feel having a beautifully set table, especially during the holidays, helps to set the mood, start dinner conversation and further establish those beloved family traditions. Family and guests will remember the mood and how they felt long after the holiday meal is over. Designer Tip: To avoid the hurried, last-minute rush, decorate and set the table ahead of time. 

When it comes to creating the perfect holiday tablescape, what should people keep in mind?  

The number one thing to keep in mind is to determine the mood you want to set. These simple steps will help anyone create that picture-perfect holiday table. 

Step 1: Choose a theme or color scheme and plan accordingly. Inspiration can be found on Instagram and Pinterest.

Step 2: Add table linens. When budget allows, anything linen or Egyptian Cotton are my favorite.

Step 3: Add a centerpiece. Remember to keep centerpiece decor below seated eye level for ease of conversation.

Step 4: Layer individual place settings - charger, dinner plate, salad plate and/or soup bowl, glassware and cutlery. This adds volume to your overall tablescape and eases transitioning from one course to the next.

Step 5: Lighting is key! If possible, dim the chandelier and add a few candles to enhance the mood.

What elements do you rely on for creating centerpieces? 

I like to have a main centerpiece and then supporting pieces - floral and greenery stems and other decorative items - to make a statement. Oftentimes, I'm using faux floral and greenery stems because I can manipulate them how I choose, but there are times that I will use real flowers and greenery. And sometimes, I mix faux and real together.

Is holiday china worth the investment?

I do love holiday china and have several different patterns to select from, depending upon my theme that given year. Some years I will use the holiday china and other years I will mix and match everyday dinnerware as I have for this table setting. I think everyone should have at least one set of holiday china that they can mix and match.

How can we make the holiday table even more personalized for guests?

I love using sussies on holiday tables! They're such a fun (and unexpected) way to show love and appreciation for the recipient, especially when the gift is personalized. Another way that I like to add a personalized touch is place cards. They make family and guests feel special, and it helps the hostess place the sussies in the correct place! 

For more holiday inspiration, be sure to check out Kristy’s blog,, and follow her on Instagram,@athomewithkristy, and Pinterest,