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Matt Casey (Wills Park & Equestrian Park Services Manager) and Morgan Rodgers (Department Director)

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The Horse Life

From horse shows and rodeos to concerts and symphonies, the Equestrian Center is the heart of Wills Park, hosting a variety of events throughout the year. We sat down with Morgan Rogers, Alpharetta’s Director of Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Services to find out what summer looks like at the Wills Park Equestrian Center.

Q: What changes will our readers see at the Equestrian Center this month?

A: Readers will see vendor tents, concessions, and spectator areas for some of our large nationally rated horse shows. These shows bring some of the top exhibitors and horses from around the country.

Q: What events are being hosted in July and August that readers could enjoy and what do they need to know before they come?

A: Each weekend we will have a national or local rated horse show at the park. These horse shows are primarily the hunter/jumper discipline. The nationally rated United States Equestrian Federation horse shows will have Grand Prix show jumping each week. Spectators are welcome so bring a blanket and enjoy Wills Park, Alpharetta’s downtown park.

Q: Introduce us to the key staff at the equestrian center.

A: It’s my pleasure!  

Matt Casey, Wills Park & Equestrian Park Services Manager - 20 years

  • Andrew Lynn, Park Technician II - 14 years
  • Miguel Torres, Park Technician I - 2 years
  • Wills Park Equestrian Foundation Board of Directors: Cheryl Sims, Michael Gelb, Scott and Marie Tittle, Jeff Felton, Kevin and Lindsey Nolan, Libba Fisher, Megan O`Dwyer Theil, Jane Pittman, Daniel Matalon, Jacqueline Welch, and Catherine Wilson

Q: What renovation or changes are planned for the rest of the year?

A: City staff and Foundation members will be finalizing design concepts for future renovations. These enhancements will include new barns, arena footings, and spectator-friendly areas. Construction on the new barns and our third arena renovation is slated for 2024.

  • Matt Casey (Wills Park & Equestrian Park Services Manager) and Morgan Rodgers (Department Director)