2020's Hottest Entertainment Appliances

Must-Have Kitchen Additions for Your Parties This Summer

Google Home or Amazon Echo appliances that can order your groceries, ovens that can air-fry, colorful cabinetry and specialty sinks that wash your dishes are just a few awe-inspiring trends in home appliances for 2020. But to Christy Oliff, marketing VP of Appliance Distributors Unlimited (, there are three “must have” appliances if you love to entertain.

1.    A Dedicated Ice Machine. Regardless of what kinds of beverages you serve, the number one pain has been running out of ice. ADU features several dedicated ice machines that produce up to 25 pounds of tasteless, odorless ice out of pure H2O, with no bubbles or impurities, and a “fast ice” button that speeds up production. Interior lights keep the ice looking as good as it tastes.

2. The Beverage Center

Another common frustration for hosts and hostesses is never knowing exactly what your guests want to drink. The easiest solution: offer a bit of everything. The best way to do this is with a dedicated beverage center. For example, the Sub-Zero 24” beverage center that stores beer, soda, mixes and mineral water as well as wine at select temperatures between 34 degrees and 45 degrees F using a touch-screen panel. The pull-out wine rack preserves wine flavors with a UV-resistant glass door. A clear utility bin makes room for lemons, limes, cheese and other garnishes. “They’re so handy you may want one in your exercise room, home theatre room or out by the pool,” Christy says.

3. GE Monogram Pizza Oven

Christy’s final fav is the GE Monogram Pizza Oven. “It is obviously perfect for pizza parties and it cooks extremely quickly at very high temperatures, making exactly the crispy crust that everyone loves,” Christy says. Besides pizza, she cooks breads, nan – “anything you would do on a baking stone.” In just a few minutes you can cook up to two medium-sized pizzas side-by-side with the crisping performance of coal- or wood-burning ovens and customized to everyone’s individual tastes.

More than 50 brands of every imaginable appliance are available in ADU’s Chantilly showroom, and there’s always someone to help you find what you need. The locally-owned, family business is always on trend as is Christy’s own LinkedIn site.

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