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The Importance of Road Preparedness

I AM READY 101 workshop for teens at RIX Automotive promotes safety and confidence.

Rick Williams of RIX Automotive in Mason is a lifelong automotive enthusiast.

“Going back to my teenage years, cars have always been a passion of mine,” Rick tells us. 

He’s been involved in the automotive industry since graduating from Universal Technical Institute’s Automotive Technology program in 2001.  

Rick opened RIX Automotive four and a half years ago after being motivated by poor customer service experiences he encountered in auto repair shops.

“I wanted to offer our customers not only quality workmanship but also transparency and communication,” Rick explains. 

RIX Automotive is an independent Honda and Japanese auto repair specialist, providing maintenance services for all makes and models. They also offer maintenance and repair services for fleet vehicles and light trucks. Complete auto care services offered include: oil changes, all factory/manufacturer recommended maintenance, brake repairs, tire replacement, batteries, filters, fluid leak repairs, timing belts, check engine light diagnoses and countless preventative maintenance, diagnostic and repair services. 

In addition to these services, RIX Automotive is partnered with I AM READY to provide 101 workshops for teens. I AM READY delivers a simple, yet comprehensive class series that helps to ensure the safety of young drivers. 

“We teach the importance of preventative maintenance,” Rick informs us.

When it comes to teenagers learning to drive, Rick stresses the importance of knowledge and preparedness. 

“How do you get better at anything? You practice!” he imparts. 

Rick further recommends that his students go driving in parking lots and side streets with parents, and read through their vehicle's owner's manual.

“It’s important to understand how your car works,” Rick tells us. “Learning what to do in the event of an emergency or accident will help reduce anxiety.”

Only five students are allowed per class to keep the experience personal and engaging. The workshop demonstrates best practices for handling accidents, emergencies and basic car care. Parents and teenagers are taught the essentials - checking fluid, battery location, dash warning lights and their meanings and more. Hands-on experience is given with step-by-step instructions for safely changing a tire among other demonstrations. 

“We find that once students complete the workshop they feel more confident and have a sense of relief that they know what to do when emergencies or accidents happen,” Rick explains.

Each participant receives a “go bag” that includes the best available tools on the market to prepare young drivers. From jumper cables to safety gear, participants will have what they need to feel safe on the road.

I AM READY 101 workshops are provided at RIX Automotive on Tuesday and Friday evenings from 5:30 to 8 p.m. and two sessions Saturday mornings from 7:30-10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The workshop schedule and more can be viewed at 

RIX Automotive 

4152 Mason Pointe Dr, Mason

513.500.9373 |

Workshop Tips & Advice 

  • Check fluid levels often and before road trips.

  • Know the location of your vehicle's owner's manual and read it.

  • Check your tire pressures often.

  • DO NOT ignore dash lights. 

  • Avoid all distractions when behind the wheel. 

  • Rick Williams (far right) with RIX Automotive team members.