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Meadow at The Inn at Honey Run

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Total Tranquility

The Inn at Honey Run Welcomes You to Rest and Recharge

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. You know the feeling, right? You might feel like your soul needs recharging and you can't do it in the space you're used to functioning in on a daily basis so you search for a place of respite. Maybe you don't even realize that you are in need of an escape, but subconsciously, you make plans that take you to that place because your soul knows. The latter instance happened to me recently and it started with a picturesque drive through rolling hills and the quiet countryside of nearby Holmes County.

During my brief, hour-long journey that evening, time seemed to slow down and suddenly the sights and noises of the daily grind were replaced with the sounds of chirping birds, rippling creeks and soft breezes as I drove through the country with windows rolled down. Amidst a landscape filled with bending creeks, narrow bridges and peaceful farms, soft lights in the evening dusk beckoned me from trees atop a hill. I had reached my planned destination and in the fading daylight, a wooden structure emerged that felt as much a part of nature as the evergreens that surrounded it.

This earthy and inviting structure is home to a premier boutique resort called The Inn at Honey Run in Millersburg, right in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country. The Inn has been nationally recognized with awards and brings guests from all across America. Settled on 56 acres of land filled with trails, gardens and woodlands, The Inn offers a variety of attractions, activities and lodging choices — most notably their Club-Level Honeycomb rooms and suites, which is where I stayed during my visit. With stone patios and walls that are nestled, quite literally, into the hillside, The Honeycomb suites have the look and feel of something you might see in the English countryside. Patio doors invite guests into the warm, fireplace-lit interiors that are carefully crafted for comfort and relaxation. 

Within moments of being on the property at The Inn, I knew I had picked the perfect spot to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday that weekend. The setting was lovely and romantic — the kind of place that instantly captures visions and stores them in your head as memories for the rest of your life.  

After getting settled into our room, we took a nice stroll down to the main building where we met family for dinner at Tarragon, a fine dining experience that adds even more class to an already incredible destination. With white linen tables and soft, warm lighting, the dining room invited us in with beautiful views of the surrounding landscape through walls of floor-to-ceiling windows. Executive Chef Bret Andreasen, who spent time as a sous chef at Thyme 2 in Medina, offers an award-winning three-course contemporary American cuisine menu with a variety of choices that are sure to please diners with a wide range of tastes. 

For my dinner that evening, I chose the beef-braised carrots for my first course, the butternut squash bisque for my second course and the pan-seared red snapper as my main entrée.  Every time I tried a bite of something new, my mouth and taste buds were instantly stimulated with rich flavors and textures. It was one of those dinners that you can't wait to tell your "foodie" friends about. I was happy to be fortunate enough to share this experience with our family and loved ones that night.

The Inn is one of those special places that invites you in and instantly allows you to take a deep breath that fills you with a sense of peace. Jason Nies, proprietor of The Inn since 2009, has done a wonderful job of protecting the legacy and carrying on with the vision that original owners Marge Stock and Margret Schlichting had when they founded the resort. He strives to give his guests a welcoming place to stay while seeking serenity in a sanctuary away from the city.  

In 2015, The Holmes County Open Air Art Museum was added to the grounds and is home to dozens of works of art that are thoughtfully placed throughout the property along the trails that take you even further away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Overall, The Inn is truly an amazing place that can make you feel like you're far from home despite being just a short drive away. Do yourself a favor and make the trip — your soul will thank you.

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