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Gatsby Glass Unveils What's Hot and What's Not in Glass Design

Welcome to the glass revolution of 2024, where Gatsby Glass is taking the lead in transforming how we think about modern design. As part of the Horsepower Brands umbrella, Gatsby Glass is a trendsetter that is redefining how we use glass in our homes and business spaces. As we shift to a new year, owner of Gatsby Glass, John Chi, sat down with us to share trend predictions for the glass industry in 2024.

What are the hottest trends in glass as we head into 2024?

Frameless valor showers, less metal and the return of modern gold.

John predicts that frameless valor showers will dominate in 2024. Imagine showers with sliding doors that have a glass header or door at the top, embracing more glass and less metal. Also, the return of modern gold, in the form of satin brass, is making a splash with accent hardware, adding a touch of luxury and elegance.

Gridtech, a black-tinted glass, is gaining popularity for a distinctive look in showers or office spaces. Coming with a higher price tag, it's a top choice for those with a taste for luxury and uniqueness.

What will be some unique applications of glass in 2024?

Wine rooms, bedroom doors and beyond.

Gatsby Glass sees glass making its mark inside homes with wine rooms, bedroom doors and more. Low iron glass, which is almost transparent, is becoming popular in these spaces for those who want their glass features to shine without any green tint. However, it's not recommended for spaces with darker tiles.

What is on its way out in 2024?

Say goodbye to semi-frameless and metal in showers.

The glass industry is bidding farewell to semi-frameless and metal showers and doors in 2024. Metal, in particular, is proving to be hard to clean, and the trend is leaning towards designs that require less maintenance. Also, shower pans are out, while curveless, tile-over-bathtub designs are gaining popularity. Barn door sliders are still hot, but wood is making way for glass, signaling a transition in design preferences.

As we bid adieu to 2023, let’s embrace the cutting-edge trends that glass has in store for 2024. It's a year in which design aficionados predict that glass will no longer be just a material; it will become a statement of luxury.

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