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The Intentional Home

Items from your travels, things inherited, or other pieces because it tells a story will inspire you for a  lifetime

Article by Jenny Losee

Photography by Alturas Homes

Originally published in Meridian Lifestyle

Your  home is a sanctuary, a place to slow down and to create your personal oasis. It is a respite from being overworked and over-stimulated and it is a place to tune into the things that ground us and make us feel at peace. At Alturas Homes, we have 5 key components to create intention in your everyday life at home. 


Bringing the outside into your home is healthy, rewarding, and addictive. We believe that nature is about connection, remembering our environment, being present with its gentle rhythm, and is an essential consideration when creating relaxed, timeless spaces. 


In an overstimulated world, it is nice to come home to a space of organization and simplicity. Built-in shelves are a great way to display the pieces in your home that you are most proud of and can also conceal the items that create clutter. A room with a minimal color palette and aesthetic gives you the freedom to make more time for what is important to you. 

Make it Cozy 

The great thing about textiles is the ability to change with each season. In the winter, use wools,  cashmere, felts, furs, and knitted throws for a cozy look. For summer, cool cottons, linen, and sheers are ideal. Earthy warm and dark tones combine well with tones of white, cream, and taupe for a clean yet calming look. Good quality bedding is an investment, and it will remain with you for years,  getting softer and more beautiful over time. 

Outdoor Space 

Treating the outdoor space with equal importance as the inside all year round is an area where you can really get creative. Creating your very own secret garden and nature retreat or adding in a fire pit in the cooler seasons is ideal. A lot of natural light with big windows and easy access to the patio will achieve a connected lifestyle. 


Collecting pieces from your travels, inheriting items from loved ones, and finding the exact piece that you will keep forever because it tells a story will inspire you for a  lifetime. Mixing old with the new, faux, and natural, feminine and masculine, contrasting pieces that create balance. Incorporating components like terracotta tiles, hardwood flooring, and granite are natural details that make a home timeless.

For more design tips and staging ideas, visit and a big thank you to for providing the shelf decor and home items and for the beautiful plant and florals.