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The Intersection of Vision and Execution

Nobility Home Renovations is redefining the terms remodeling projects

With a designer’s eye for style and function, and a contractor’s sense for efficiency and punctuality, Amanda Adams and Chris Madison have turned home remodels into well-orchestrated endeavors.

After collaborating on numerous projects, a year ago they decided to combine their vision and execution into a single entity: Nobility Home Renovations.

“I met Amanda from a referral when I was staging a flip house,” says Madison. “She staged one of my properties, and I kept thinking that it makes more sense to do this as a team. I asked if she was interested, and she told me she had been praying for a contractor she could work with!”

“I’ve had great relationships with contractors but never with one who wanted to collaborate the way Chris does,” says Adams. “Remodeling can be stressful; so much is on the line for both of us. And if Chris says he’s going to do something, he’s going to do it.”

Their respective life experiences likely prepared them for this partnership. Madison, a Mount Juliet native, attended Nashville Auto Diesel College. He was a mechanic for years before moving to the service, managing more than 115 fleet accounts. Along the way he started flipping houses and decided to become a remodeling contractor when he “got tired of hearing people say they can’t get anyone to show up to do the work,” he says. “Being a fleet manager prepared me for project management. I learned to multitask, plan and coordinate. The skillsets transferred seamlessly.”

As a child in a military family, Adams grew up all over the country and was inspired by the different types of architecture she saw. “Architecture and interiors can change from state-to-state and city-to-city,” she says. “Having moved so much, I began to understand the importance of making it a home. 

“When I was little, I would get out my notebook, sketch the house, designate where furniture should go, and show it to the movers. Essentially, I was doing interior design without knowing it and certainly didn’t know that it could be a career.” She started along that path by studying interior design at Western Michigan University.

At Nobility, Amanda and Chris move together as one unit. They meet with clients for an initial consultation where ideas are exchanged, and objectives are understood. “We take detailed notes including ‘before’ pictures and I’ll do a scan of the home’s floorplan,” says Amanda. “As with any large-scale project, certain issues can arise that affect the cost. But we can provide a fairly accurate ‘guestimate’ within 24 hours.”

Once agreements are signed, their vision and execution jump to the forefront.

Except for one detail. Before the job begins, the Nobility team and their clients pause for a prayer.

“On day one of the demo, we pray for a smooth and safe process,” says Madison. 

“We’re a Christian-owned company and proud of our faith,” adds Amanda. “We always ask if we can bless the project and no one has ever said, ‘no.’ I love that.”

Of course, when the remodel is complete, it’s time to celebrate with a gift basket of champagne and chocolates for the clients.

“Ninety-nine percent of the jobs we’ve finished conclude with a hug,” says Madison. “We had a lady tell us she was going to cry because she would miss us. Money is great but that hug makes for a great day.”

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