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Partners In Pride

Volunteerism Blooms in Wyckoff

When taking a walk through Wyckoff, stop and smell the flowers. You can, thanks to Partners in Pride (PIP), founded over 30 years ago by Tom and Mary Bugel with a mission to beautify the Township.

What began as an anti-litter campaign has grown to include the planting and maintenance of planters and pocket gardens with perennials and annuals throughout town.

President Susan Litt has been a member since 2005. “I noticed people taking care of the flower pots in town, and decided I wanted to help.”

Suzanne Brown, PIP secretary has been a member for eight years. “I can’t walk anywhere without picking up trash. If everyone took a bag along with them and picked up whenever they took a walk, it would make a difference!”

“We need volunteers who enjoy gardening and understand how to care for plants,” says Susan. “Over 50 people help water, and many families ‘adopt-a-pot’ to help. Gracious homeowners and business owners often provide water and hoses to help make the watering effort a bit easier.

PIP is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible. Many communities have a line-item budget for what PIP provides, so Wyckoff residents are fortunate to have this dedicated group helping to keep expenses down.

“It’s a very heartfelt organization to join because our members love the town and they want to give back,” says Susan. “There is great satisfaction in watching things become more beautiful.”

To volunteer, contact Greg Morgan