The Journey of Consciousness

Local business offers ketamine treatments to help patients relieve past traumas and discover more of themselves.

MySelf Wellness in Bonita Springs is a ketamine-assisted therapy center that helps individuals work on themselves from the inside out. Treatments begin at six doses spread out over three weeks. Ketamine is one of the safest, least-toxic dissociative anesthetics available on the market. When taken properly, patients enter into a therapeutic dream-like state. 

“When trauma happens, it damages the neural pathways in our brains,” Charles Patti, owner of MySelf Wellness, says. “Ketamine serves as a control, alt., delete for the old program that no longer serves us, and allows new programs to be laid down. The dissociative state takes down the blocks so patients can release them and let them go.”

Patti’s goal is to destigmatize ketamine by providing it as a first line of defense for patients. “It isn’t anything to be scared of,” he says. “There is hope. People don’t need to struggle anymore.”

One of the unique things about MySelf Wellness is that each of the nurses and administrators have successfully completed multiple rounds of ketamine treatments. This provides an outlet between patients and staff to talk through their experiences and process each treatment in a more in-depth manner.

One of MySelf Wellness’s nurses, Jess Seibert, used the ketamine treatments to help ease her addiction to prescription drugs. Jess suffered from severe childhood trauma, and as she aged, it began to worsen. Her doctors prescribed medication, but she soon started to self-medicate because the mixture of all the drugs she was on caused even more mental health issues.

“My husband and kids had an intervention for me,” she says. “It was either rehab or I was on my own. In rehab, I learned who I didn’t want to be. When I left, we moved to Florida. I was off of everything except for one of the prescriptions.” Now, Jess is prescription drug free, and after several ketamine treatments, she feels lighter. 

Local Naples resident Maria Lentini recently finished six treatments at MySelf Wellness. Like Jess Seibert, Maria suffered severe trauma in her past. Instead of medication, however, she turned to plant medicine. She had been looking for something with the effects of ketamine, and when she found MySelf Wellness, she knew she had to try it. “To understand yourself you have to go inward and not be afraid to see what’s there,” Maria says. “The medicine will give you what you need even if it’s not what you want.”

Following her six treatments, Maria experienced a huge improvement in her mental wellness. “I was able to forgive myself and the people who harmed me, regardless of whether it was intentional or not. I believe that when you forgive someone, you forgive for yourself, not for them,” she says. “You can’t live in your past for your entire life. You need to leave it there at some point, and embrace the journey and hard work it takes to get beyond it.”

3541 Bonita Bay Blvd, #200, Bonita Springs



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