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Kitchen trends from Ridgefield designers.

As the heart of the home, kitchens are the central hub of the household, where families and friends can share meals and conversations in a warm and inviting space. So it should be no surprise that the latest trends in kitchens focus on harmonizing functionality and maintainability with style. No one knows this better than the team at Ridgefield’s family-owned Venezia Marble. Their showroom showcases a wide selection of natural stones like granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone, and quartz and the team works with customers on every detail from selection to installation.

Co-owner Luana Aguiar notes that stone elements are making a significant impact on the overall aesthetic and functionality of modern kitchens. Granite and quartzite countertops are known for their durability and stain resistance. “In 2024, stone backsplashes will add depth and visual interest. Extending the stone countertop to the wall will create a seamless, streamlined look and create visual depth.”

Floating shelves continue to be a popular option, injecting a fresh vibe with an open and airy feel. “While floating shelves are typically made of wood, metal or glass, incorporating a full backsplash made of the same stone as the shelves creates a cohesive look and makes a bold statement,” Aguiar continues. “Integrated stone sinks are also gaining popularity, creating a seamless and appealing look.”

Say goodbye to the grey and white palettes of recent years. Local designer Rebecca Staub notes that earthy hues and warm tones are making a comeback. “In 2024, we will embrace the warmth of browns and creamy beiges…and spaces with nature-inspired mustards, earthy terracottas, reds and pinks.”

Chrome and silver lighting is having a resurgence that will add sophistication to any space. “Opt for polished finishes to introduce a subtle hint of bling, complemented by natural finishes for an organic feel,” said Staub.

Functionality remains at the forefront of kitchen design with an emphasis on smart storage solutions and layouts to accommodate multitasking. Working with a designer, such as Abigail Braden of August Interiors, can help prioritize and tailor every detail of the design to your individual lifestyle. “The details are where you can really make your personal mark --for example, do you want doors vs. drawers in the cabinets, what are you going to use your countertops for and what’s your (honest) level of maintenance, and what are your priorities for space planning?” 

Embracing a blend of form and function with style and sophistication, today’s kitchens boast design elements that serve a purpose and maximize efficiency while emphasizing visual appeal. 

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