The Lawless Landscape of New York City Fashion 

A Glimpse into Cedar and Hyde's Annual Buying trip 

If humanity were but a wild beast, uninhibited and free, New York City would be the beating red heart. As great as it is terrible, New York is continuously regenerating itself to house and feed some of the world’s most inspirational creators. 

We trailed behind Cedar and Hyde Mercantile as their team traveled into the heart of the beast. We asked co-owner Poss Lambert a series of questions to better glean how to effortlessly navigate the lawless landscape of beauty and fashion of New York.

While a bit of a cliche, one truly does find inspiration where you last think to look. Poss describes how she loves to watch older women. Lifelong navigators of the streets and subways, they endure from decades past. Poised in lipstick and heels, not one will skips a beat in their curated appearances.

We also heard from Lambert about the current movement in women’s fashion that mixes high with low, glam with comfort. 

“I think it’s all rolled into women working for themselves or for other women more and no longer dressing for the approval of men,” describes Poss.

Amen to that.

“We are seeing poof-sleeved dresses with chunky sneakers, and lots of pleated trousers with a fitted turtleneck and overcoat. It’s as if women are going decades back, and re-creating their looks from those eras as if they were the ones in charge. It’s really beautiful to watch and participate in.”

For more on navigating New York City, below are the taste-makers essential stops:

Hangs | LES (the cool way to say Lower East Side)

Eats | The Carlyle Hotel for a stiff martini and epic people watching

Muse | Oroboro for clothing and accessories, Cote A Coast for home goods

Chill | Aire Ancient Baths for an escape and soak

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