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Article by Carly Tamborski

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Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

The Great Resignation—a time during early 2021 when many left their jobs, influenced by the pandemic, but also by those wanting to follow their dreams and start their own business. A step which can seem daunting—and where Wolterman Law Office comes in (with a free hour of consultation to boot). “A neighborhood firm with national influence,” attorneys Steve Wolterman and Matthew Metzger assist not only with guiding clients’ ideas to reality, but helping manage those businesses once they’re up and running.

“Sometimes people worry that it’s a daunting task to start a business, or they’re suddenly going to have to spend so much money on an attorney,” Steve says. “We’re very laid-back here, we try to make things very comfortable—everybody’s got to start somewhere. I didn’t have anything when I started, so I can relate to anyone coming in who just has an idea.”

So, what’s the first step? “You need to define your business,” Steve begins. “A lot of people don’t know what they want to do—it’s just completely abstract, an idea.”

And then? “One business basic is to put your business in an organized entity—either a corporation or more often an LLC,” Steve says. “Most often you’ll see people setting up Limited Liability Companies so if something happens, your exposure is limited to what’s in the business and not your personal assets.”

Filing starts where? “A few things—there’s the formality of going through the Secretary of State, filing articles of organization, and the State issuing a charter certificate,” Steve explains. “There may be tax elections depending on the type of business—or it may be advantageous to elect a special tax status. It’s at the beginning, when you will make some of these decisions, that will affect the business for years to come.”

Any COVID-resultant trends? “There are more online businesses, more e-commerce, more ship-to-order. For many of our larger client companies, there’s been a huge shift to more at-home work as opposed to the office.”

So, whether you have a blossoming business idea or are in the throws of navigating confusing paperwork on your own, Wolterman Law Office can ease your mind—and guide your dreams to reality. | 434 W Loveland Ave | 513.790.4207

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