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The Legend of RC McGraw

RC McGraw’s Bar & Grill surpasses the boundaries of imagination

In the enchanting Flint Hills of Kansas, there once lived a legendary cowboy named RC McGraw. Now, RC wasn’t your ordinary cowpoke. He was best friends with Johnny Kaw. He could ride tornadoes, serenade coyotes, and lasso the moon on starry nights. His horse, Lightning, was said to be so swift that even the wind struggled to keep pace.

One fateful day, the notorious outlaw Buckshot Bill swaggered into the Little Apple, itching for trouble. The tension crackled like summer lightning, and in the blink of an eye, RC McGraw and Buckshot Bill faced off on Moro Street, creating a showdown destined for folklore.

Dust clouds billowed and bullets zipped through the air like angry wildcats. RC's six-shooter played a quick tune of justice. With a tip of his hat and a wink, RC declared, "Manhattan ain't big enough for outlaws like you, partner."

A man of unexpected turns, RC decided to retire his guns and open RC McGraw’s Bar & Grill. Legends spoke of RC's chili with the kick of a bronco, and steaks so tender they melted like morning mist. People flocked from across Kansas to try this cowboy’s culinary creations!

While a tall tale, RC McGraw’s Bar & Grill surpassed the boundaries of imagination to become a real-life destination where dreams and flavors are intertwined.

On February 23, 2000, RC McGraw’s Bar & Grill opened, welcoming patrons at the northern end of the Blue Hills Shopping Center in a spot formerly known as Kickers. Although RC McGraw wasn't an actual person, founder Doug Long chose the name affectionately to pay tribute to two dear friends. He honored Roger Reinbold with the "R" and Cletus “Clet” Umscheid, Sr., with the "C." The name McGraw suited the envisioned caricature, and thus, RC McGraw came into being. Now recognized as McGraws, the establishment has been under the ownership and management of Nick Powers for the past decade. Ironically, Nick's journey to McGraws unfolded much like a folktale itself.

Originally from Cimarron, Kansas, Nick, a K-State student in 2002, served as the designated driver for a college date party at McGraws’ Blue Hills Room. Driving a flatbed Ford F-350, Nick's first entry into the shopping center took an unexpected turn when a wheel detached from the truck, causing damage to a catering van. The following day, Nick met Doug, agreed to cover the damages, and simultaneously accepted a catering position at Rambler’s Steakhouse. Nick gradually integrated into McGraws, assuming a managerial role. By 2005, he became a partner, and in 2013, he assumed sole ownership.

As you swing open the door, a comforting wave of warmth welcomes you to the expansive, 4,500-square-foot interior exuding a rustic charm reminiscent of an old western saloon. The walls are adorned with Lincoln Log wood, mirrors, and numerous neon signs. Conversations create a gentle hum, accompanied by clinking glasses and the subtle background melody of country music. In the middle lies a designated wooden dance floor, with a concert stage towards the back. The 100-foot bar, featuring wood from the Powers’ family farm in Windhorst, Kansas, showcases an impressive collection of aged whiskey bottles and eight gleaming beer taps.

Embark on a culinary adventure with McGraws' menu, offering bold flavors in famous chicken wings, gourmet salads, and perfectly crafted burgers. Dive into entrees such as their handmade, breaded pork chops, chicken fried steaks, expertly grilled sirloin steaks, and the unique taste of Rocky Mountain oysters. Weekly specials, including the popular Thursday Taco Night, give patrons something to look forward to throughout the week.

McGraws has long been a dynamic hub of lively events, featuring heart-pounding concerts with icons like the late Mickey Gilley, Blackhawk, Afroman, Saving Able, and Manhattan's very own Crosswinds. Immerse yourself in specialty events such as Micro Mania Wrestling, karaoke night, intense poker battles, and the famous Bike Nights every other Wednesday from May to September. McGraws guarantees an eclectic mix of thrilling entertainment for unforgettable nights.

Additionally, McGraws offers catering to elevate any gathering of any size, both inside the Blue Hills Room and offsite. With meticulous attention to detail, McGraws seeks to provide an experience in which guests can focus on socializing and savoring delicious food without preparation hassles. 

One of the newest additions to McGraws is the “Partio” — a party patio located behind the building. Conceived by Jon Pope, completed in the summer of 2022, the partio features native limestone slabs and a captivating pergola, blending nature and sophistication seamlessly.

As the sun dips below the partio's horizon, casting a warm glow over Manhattan, the legend of RC McGraw continues to echo through the streets. Welcome to a dining experience where the extraordinary meets the every day, and every dish is seasoned with a pinch of the legendary RC McGraw's spirit.

"Manhattan ain't big enough for outlaws like you, partner." - RC McGraw

The "R" is for Roger Reinbold, and the "C" is for Cletus “Clet” Umscheid, Sr.

  • Owner Nick Powers
  • Owner Nick Powers